Open Adoption: Your Baby, Your Choice

Placing your baby in an open adoption might just be the best option if you are pregnant and not ready to raise a child. In this statement the operative word is “might.” It’s easy for outsiders to look at adoption as fulfilling some universal balance – there are families who want more than anything to have a baby and there are babies whose parents are not ready to care for them. Adoption in their minds is the natural solution to this conundrum that nature has chosen for us.

While many of us may agree that the idea of adoption is powerful, beautiful and life-enriching, the simple fact of the matter is that handing your child to another family to raise is one of the most difficult decisions a person may make in his/her lifetime. And, it needs to be treated as such.

Although nature has chosen for one person to have a baby and another to not, that doesn’t mean that adoption is the only choice they can make. But, adoption is a very amazing and wonderful option for the right person. Fortunately, many birthparents find peace in choosing open adoption. Open adoption allows a birthparent to be a part of his/her child’s life in a relationship that studies have proven provides the most satisfaction for the child, birthparents and adoptive parents out of any other type of adoption arrangement.

Making the choice to place your baby for adoption is your choice. And learning about open adoption will help you take the first steps to knowing if it “might” be the right choice for you and your baby.

We welcome birthparents who have placed their babies in an open adoption to share their comments on how they knew they were making the right choice when they chose open adoption.

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