The Waiting Game: Logo’s New Reality Adoption TV Series, ‘The Baby Wait’

The Baby Wait on Logo

Last Tuesday, the Logo Network aired their new reality series “The Baby Wait”.  The show features birthparents and prospective adoptive couples going through the intense drama that comes with the 30-day wait period that post-birth adoption laws in some states give birthparents before they make their final decision. Until then, adoptive couples are unable to know whether their dreams of raising a family have finally come true.

The episode that started filming last August and aired last Tuesday featured IAC couple Mark Krieger and Paul Siebold, a Manhattan couple who wouldn’t have been able to welcome baby Morgan into their lives without the help of 18 and pregnant Genavieve Diggs from Connecticut. What seemed to be just a 30 day-waiting period for others, felt like an eternity for both birthmother Genavieve and adoptive couple Mark and Paul.

Overall, The Baby Wait shows a very balanced portrayal of the adoption process by showing the perspective of both the birthparents and adoptive families. The IAC is grateful to Logo for helping to broaden the image of the modern American family by depicting an LGBT adoption. In the show, Mark and Paul described themselves as anxiously awaiting Genavieve’s response to the new birth and “getting to the finish line”. The show ends with her final decision.

The Logo Network will offer exclusive updates on how the couple is doing in the post-adoption process. What it likely won’t show, however, is the healing process for birthparents. With open adoption the process can go smoother: ongoing contact and knowledge that the baby is healthy, happy, and right at home can be comforting to birthmothers. IAC offers free and confidential services for birthparents with counseling and support from dedicated IAC staff throughout the healing process. IAC is here to help, not just until the “finish line” of birth, but also to help facilitate the new beginning that birthmothers face in the post-birth process.

The Baby Wait airs on Tuesdays on the Logo Network, 10/9c.

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