Top 5 Tips for Talking to Adoptive Parents

1) Introduce yourself.
By now you have probably looked through the adoptive family’s profile and have gotten a good feeling for what their family is like. It can be nice to start your first conversation by sharing a little bit about yourself. Some things you may want to share are: your name, what city or state you live in, how far along you are in your pregnancy and why you are considering open adoption.

Talking To Adoptive Parent2) Share the things you liked about their profile.
This may be a picture you were drawn to or something they said in their profile. Anything that really stood out to you and made you interested in them as prospective parents for your baby. These things are going to be your connecting points and can be a great way to start the conversation.

3) Remember the adoptive family is nervous too.
Just as you may be feeling a mixture of emotions, the adoptive family is likely to be feeling the same way. They may be just as worried as you are about making a good impression and will be very excited to receive your call!

4) Have some questions written down.
Take some time before you call to think about any questions you have for the adoptive family. These questions will help if you are feeling nervous or don’t know what to say. Some common questions are:

  • What are your hobbies or interests?
  • What are your educational backgrounds?
  • What are your child care plans?
  • How does your family feel about your adoption plans?

5) Utilize your adoption counselor as a resource.
Remember you are not alone in this process – your adoption counselor is here to help you along the way. They have worked with lots of women who are considering open adoption and talking to families for the first time. Talk with them about what makes you nervous or excited about reaching out to families. Let them know if there is anything they can do to help you, like call the family ahead of time to set up a phone call. Your adoption counselor’s goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.

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  • Thiago

    My brother is looking at adoption in Naperville, IL. He’ll appreciate a resource like this, he’s the type that wants to be prepared for anything.

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