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Families adopting in Georgia

These are our families who want to adopt in Georgia

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45 families found.
Picture of Steve and Sara Buttler
Steve and Sara Buttler
Atlanta, GA

Hi! We admire your courage in considering adoption and would love to be the family to walk with you through this journey. Adoption is close to our family as STEVE WAS ADOPTED.We look forward to hearing your hopes for the future and we can’t wait to get to know you! Contact us at any time!

Picture of Patrycja & Ted Towns
Patrycja & Ted Towns
Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you for reading our letter. We can only imagine what you might be going through. We admire your magnitude of love, courage and strength in considering open adoption for your precious child. We are looking forward to getting to know you and learning about the many dreams you have for the future.

Picture of Jason Smith and Robert McGill
Jason Smith and Robert McGill
Atlanta, GA
1-855-876-2229 (BABY)

Hey! We are Jason Smith and Robert McGill. We can't wait to meet you and have you as part of our family. We greatly appreciate and admire your love and devotion to your child. Because of your love, we are realizing a lifelong dream of adopting a child and we are so happy to have you be part of this incredible and unforgettable experience.

¡Hola! Somos Jason Smith y Robert McGill. Estamos tan ilusionados de conocerle, así como considerarle como una parte de nuestra familia. Apreciamos así como admiramos su amor y devoción a su bebé. Gracias a su cariño, cumplimos nuestro sueño más grande de adoptar a un niño. Estamos muy felices que usted sea parte de esta experiencia tan especial y única.

Picture of Drew Kohlhorst and Scott Meeks
Drew Kohlhorst and Scott Meeks
Atlanta, GA

Hello! We are Drew and Scott, from Atlanta, GA! We want to thank you for your compassion in considering open adoption and are happy to offer you our support. We would love to hear from you about your hopes and dreams for you and your child and how we can make those hopes a reality. Please contact us anytime!

Picture of John and Sarah Farrar
John and Sarah Farrar
Smyrna, GA
1-866-707-5959 or Text 408-414-7245

We are Sarah and John from Smyrna, Georgia. We can’t wait to start our open adoption experience with you! We can’t imagine the incredible strength it takes to start this journey. We would love to open our arms and hearts to you in whatever way you need. We are so excited that you may be considering us to provide a supportive, loving, and nurturing home for your child.

Picture of Jennifer Salter and Angie Marty
Jennifer Salter and Angie Marty
Loganville, GA

Thank- you for taking the time to learn about our family. We truly admire your courage and completely respect your feelings. We are excited by the opportunity to expand our family and are very grateful that you would consider us on this journey. Although we can’t begin to imagine your situation, we do know you must be a very caring and selfless person.

Picture of Kim Adkins and Peter Joski
Kim Adkins and Peter Joski
Decatur, GA

Thank you so much for taking time to read our profile. We admire your choice to consider open adoption. It takes strength and courage to make hard decisions in the best interest of your baby. We know you have hopes and dreams for them and we want you to know that we do too. Starting our family through open adoption is so exciting and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Picture of Jake, Stacy & Samantha Colwell
Jake, Stacy & Samantha Colwell
Blairsville, GA
1-844-COLWELL (265-9355)

We were blessed through Samantha's open adoption, and can't wait to share this blessing with another child. Samantha loves playing with her stay-at-home mom, but really wants a sibling. We have already begun praying for her new brother or sister, and for his or her courageous birth parents. Life doesn't always go as planned, but we hope that together we can turn this experience into a lifetime of joy and peace.

Picture of Emily and Chuck Hipchen-Bowie
Emily and Chuck Hipchen-Bowie
Atlanta area, GA

Greetings from Chuck and Emily in Carrollton, Georgia! We invite you to take some time to learn a little about us as you consider open adoption. Emily is an adoptee in reunion with her birth family, and Chuck is the son and uncle of adoptees. We understand how families are made through adoption and would welcome you into ours with open arms. Please feel free to contact us any time.

Picture of Melissa and John Zonin
Melissa and John Zonin
Acworth, GA
1-844-288-0929 or 231-392-9299

Hey there! We're Melissa & John Zonin from Acworth, GA. We thank and respect you for exploring open adoption. Please take some time to explore our lives as teachers, friends, and family. This is just a glimpse into our lives so we'd love for you to contact us (texting is great too!). We're thrilled to start our family with an open adoption and can't wait to get to know you more!

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