Andrew Potter & Michael Virata

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  • Enjoying a day at Balboa Park with our Yorkie, Parker
  • Goofing around with our nephew at a family celebration
  • Enjoying a day making a snowman in Colorado with our nieces.
  • Andrew babysitting our youngest nephew
  • Making gingerbread houses with our nieces in Colorado.
  • Hanging out with our nephew at a family get-together
  • Fun with the family at our home, playing Wii with our nephew
  • Enjoying lunch at a farmhouse in Sorrento, Italy
  • Preparing Thanksgiving dinner for our family at our home
  • Decorating cookies with our niece and Goddaughter in Las Vegas
  • Splashing around with our Godchildren in Kauai
  • Exploring the tidepools at the La Jolla Cove with our niece and Michael's mom
  • Indoor camping excursion with our niece in Colorado
  • Visiting our newborn niece in Colorado
  • Ziplining high above a river in the Philippines (Andrew was terrified)
  • Andrew teaching Michael how to waterski at Lake Elsinore in California
  • A family reunion in the Philippines
  • Celebrating Andrew's birthsister's birthday in Orange County
  • Jumping with excitement in a mahogany forest in the Philippines
  • Building a puzzle with our niece
  • Flying a kite with our niece and Michael's mom in Colorado
  • Having fun with our nephew at Balboa Park
  • Trying to stay dry at Sea World with our nephew
  • Visitng our friends' newborn son
  • Playing house with our niece in their backyard in Colorado
  • Being a kid at heart on the Toy Story ride at Disneyland
  • Decorating Easter eggs with Andrew's family
  • Enjoying the view of Paris from Notre Dame
  • A flavor of Michael's baking creations - coconut cupcakes, gingerbread cupcakes, Halloween 'creepcakes,' and an assortment of French macaroons
  • Relaxing after a hike in Palm Springs
  • Mountain biking at a local regional park
  • Andrew waterskiing in the Philippines
  • Enjoying the beaches of Kauai
  • At a Human Rights Campaign fundraising event with Andrew's mom and sister
  • We surprised our guests at our wedding by 'rocking the reception!'

All About Us

We met in 2004 when Andrew responded to a roommate ad Michael had placed to help him find a roommate and a new apartment. Meeting for the first time, we instantly hit it off as we had many of the same interests, including both owning a copy of Britney Spears’ movie, “Crossroads,” likely the only two ever sold! As our friendship developed while roommates, so did our love for each other. In 2008, we were fortunate to become legally married in California -- on the beach, surrounded by our family and friends. We are looking forward to starting a new chapter in our life together as parents in the same home we lived in as roommates, best friends, and spouses.

Andrew is enjoying a career in local government. He currently works for the City of Del Mar. Michael is a scientist at a local biotech company where he conducts experiments and manages development projects related to DNA sequencing. However, Michael is excited to start his new career as a stay-at-home dad as we feel it is important for one parent to stay home and raise our child.

We both share a passion for travel and have been fortunate to explore numerous countries by land, air, and sea. We love to immerse ourselves in the culture of the places we visit, and as self-acclaimed foodies, we enjoy indulging in the local flavors.

All About Where We Live

We recently moved into a new home located in a wonderful suburban neighborhood in San Diego, with plenty of space for a growing family. We also share our home with our little dog Parker whose talents include snuggling and smiling on command!

We enjoy weekend hikes along nearby trails, spending time with family and friends seeking new food experiences at local restaurants, and searching for bargains at our many outdoor shopping malls. As new home owners, we also enjoy spending quality time at home and we are looking forward to the times when we are splashing around in the pool with our child, reading him or her a book by the Koi pond, gardening together, or playing soccer in the yard.

We are a short drive to Balboa Park where we look forward to exploring its many cultural attractions, including museums, playgrounds, and the San Diego Zoo with our child. Given Michael’s science background, he can’t wait to explore Sea World and the local tide pools, teach our child about the animals at the zoo, and play at the Children’s Science Museum. With Andrew’s love of the outdoors, he is looking forward to spending time at the beach with our child and going on bike rides through the park.

All About Our Family

Spending time with family is important to us. Andrew’s family lives only an hour away in San Clemente, California, where we enjoy weekend family gatherings at his parents’ home or out on the family boat. Michael’s parents live in a suburb of Las Vegas and have recently retired. They are looking forward to spending lots of time in San Diego with their newest grandchild and traveling with us to the Philippines to visit our extended family.

During the holidays we rotate between San Clemente, Las Vegas, and Colorado, where Michael’s brother lives, to ensure we get to see our loved ones as often as possible.

All About Our Promise

We learned the importance of open adoption through a personal experience in Andrew’s family. Andrew’s mom gave birth to a girl at the age of 18. Her daughter was immediately placed in a closed adoption and his mom kept it a secret for 42 years. Fortunately, in 2009 after searching for her birth daughter, Andrew’s mom found her and she has been a close part of our family ever since. If Andrew’s mom had been given the opportunity to choose open adoption, the questions and uncertainty endured by Andrew’s mom and birthsister would have been minimal.

We want our child to know his or her birthmother. We hope you will follow his/her journey and join us in celebrating our child’s milestones together. If you choose us, you will always have a special place in our lives.

We promise to raise our child in an environment filled with unconditional love, compassion, and happiness. We vow to raise our child with faith, truthfulness, and strong values. Through travel, we are excited to share experiences and learn about different cultures around the world as a family. We both value the importance of a solid education and look forward to giving our child the opportunity to follow his/her own dreams and passions.

~Michael & Andrew

All About Andrew

From the moment we met, I knew Andrew would always hold a special place in my heart. He is not only my spouse, but also my best friend. He is a very loving, compassionate, and supportive individual and will do anything to help our family and friends. He has exceptional leadership and organizational skills that can rally a group to get anything accomplished. Andrew is also well-grounded, always helping to remind me to enjoy the little things in life and to remember what’s important. Andrew likes to be outside by the pool, reading with his Kindle. He also likes to waterski with his family, organize closets, and come up with excuses for missing a day at the gym.

Watching Andrew interact with our nephews and nieces, I can see how he will be an excellent father to our child. He has this spark that children adore for he is truly a kid at heart. Andrew is definitely the Mr. Fix-It around the house and I know he’s looking forward to creating our child’s room in our home. Andrew has taught me so much and I’m looking forward to watching him be an excellent teacher and role model for our child.

~by Michael

All About Andrew's Interests


Favorite Music:
Michael Buble, Glee, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson

Favorite Food:
Mexican, Thai, Filipino (Addicted to Ube!)

Masters in Public Administration, Bachelors in English

Favorite Books/Magazines:
Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose; At Least In The City Someone Would Hear Me Scream; The Kid; Getting Things Done

3 Words Describing Me:
Supportive, Efficient, Creative

All About Michael

When I met Michael, I was instantly attracted to his intelligence, his humor, and his beautiful eyes. I fell in love with his ambition, his desire to help people, and his necessity to always have fun in life. He can instantly make people smile and laugh with his quick-witted humor. Not a day goes by that we don’t laugh with each other. Michael is extremely smart and works hard at whatever he puts his mind to. He has achieved significant academic success and is now achieving success in the business world.

Michael is also a fantastic cook. He makes delightful desserts that range from French macaroons to his famous “pumpkin roll.” I am so thankful that he can whip up a delicious dinner from virtually any ingredient. His creativity, both in the kitchen and with a variety of crafts, is amazing!

I’ve witnessed Michael’s abilities with our nieces and nephews, as he spends time with them coloring, playing rousing games on the Wii, and helping them learn about science. I can’t wait to see him be the loving, wonderful father I know he will be.

~by Andrew

All About Michael's Interests

Cooking/baking, gardening, running, karaoke, theater/musicals

Doctorate in Biology, Masters in Business Administration

Favorite Food:
Thai, Mediterranean, & Filipino (especially Mom's!)

Favorite TV/Movies:
The Amazing Race, Modern Family, Glee

Favorite Holiday:

3 Words Describing Me:
Compassionate, Goofy, Patient

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