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Andrew & Laura Oldham

  • Lunch with friends!!
  • Daddy's going to teach Winnie violin!!
  • Golf Cart ride on our trip to Florida!
  • Enjoying the park
  • Summer pooltime fun!!
  • Winnie photo shoot in downtown Greensboro NC!
  • Teaching numbers to Charlie Brown doll!
  • Lake boat ride in Florida with Andy's parents!
  • Laura's family enjoying the day together
  • Pool Time.....I'm ready!
  • Winnie's 3rd Birthday!!
  • Biking at the Outer Banks of North Carolina
  • Enjoying the mountains of North Carolina
  • Painting at the Children's Museum
  • Putt-Putt in Mexico
  • Making music
  • Taking a break from storytime to hug the cat, Fiddle
  • Winnie & Mommy enjoying watermelon in the summertime
  • Having a fun day at the playground
  • Winnie loves pushing her stroller on the walking trails
  • Picking yummy blueberries
  • Weekly ArtQuest fun!
  • Family photo in our front yard

Our Interests

We simply love spending time together, laughing and having fun. We both enjoy taking small weekend trips, photography, disc-golfing, cooking, and especially playing with Winnie. We also like to explore parks, playgrounds, science centers, zoos, and children’s museums. Almost every week in the summer we enjoy music in the park with our family. Each year we also try and take at least one big family trip to a fun place. We can’t wait for our next little one to experience all of these great adventures!

Andrew's Fun Facts

Erie, PA

Favorite Holiday:

Disc golf & cooking

Favorite Music:
Stravinsky, Rachmaninov, bands of the 70's & 80's

Favorite Food:
Indian Food


We are Andrew, Laura, and Winnie from Greensboro, North Carolina. We are excited to have this opportunity to share with you a little about our lives, our family, and our goals and dreams. We’d love to get to know you and welcome you into our family, in the way that makes you most comfortable. We would be delighted to talk with you and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Our wonderful daughter Winnie joined our family though open adoption in 2010. We are excited beyond belief to add another little one to our family. We are committed to putting your child's love, trust, health, safety, and happiness first. We are very grateful and thank you for taking the time to read our website.

We would love to hear from you! Our email is AndrewLauraNC@gmail.com or you can follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/andrew.lauranc

About Andrew & Laura

We are high school sweethearts, best friends, and soul mates. We’ve always known we were right for each other. We have been married for 8 wonderful years now! We spend all of our free time together and truly Love each other. We are excited to grow our family again through adoption. Our daughter Winnie joined our family through adoption three years ago. It was one of the happiest days of our lives! Becoming parents has certainly been a wonderful adventure and we are ready to do it again!

Andrew is a Music Director at a local high school and loves his career. He enjoys teaching band, orchestra, and jazz classes. He loves to make people laugh and loves to tell Winnie goofy bedtime stories with stuffed animals! Laura was an Accountant before becoming a stay-at-home mother when Winnie was born in 2010. She loves to be able to stay at home and enjoy all of Winnie’s first experiences in life. Laura truly enjoys every moment of life! Laura looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom for our next child! The best part of our days will be seeing the great love of siblings.

About Winnie

Winnie is a happy, friendly little girl who loves running, reading, and animals. She is so excited about having a sibling to share all of the fun things that she likes to do. When we play indoors, she likes to build and stack blocks, put together puzzles, color, and listen to music. She can’t wait to have a little brother or sister as her playmate.

We value the wonderful relationship we have with Winnie’s birthparents. We have an open relationship with them, including letters, pictures, and visits with her birthfather. Winnie understands that her birthparents love her and the special way we became a family. We can’t wait to adopt again and we know Winnie will be a great big sister! She is at such a helpful age, she helps us feed and take care of our cat each day.

Our Home & Community

We live in a suburban area, but are still close enough to enjoy all the wonderful cultural experiences that the city of Greensboro has to offer. Our neighborhood is ideal for raising a family. Many of our neighbors have children, so our kids will have plenty of playmates nearby. In the evenings, we can hear children laughing as they ride their bikes and scooters outside around our house. We look forward to our children joining in on all of the fun their neighborhood friends have after school. Our neighborhood has a wonderful playground, walking trails, a pool, and great schools. We can’t wait to see our children splashing together in the pool for some summer fun! We are also close to the countryside for visits to see gardens, farms, or all kinds of interesting animals. We share our home with our cute & cuddly cat, Fiddle, who enjoys playing with children.

Our Families

We have loving and supportive families who are so excited we are adopting again. Our parents have provided us with a solid foundation of support growing up. We would like to pass this on to our children by being positive examples and providing unconditional love. Andy has one brother and Laura has a brother and two sisters. They can’t wait to have another niece or nephew to spoil! We have family in Kansas, New York, and Pennsylvania. They all visit frequently and invite us to vacation with them. We always spend Christmas as a family in snowy Pennsylvania. It will be fun to see the children make snowmen outside!

We feel lucky that our next son or daughter will be surrounded by people who know how wonderful adoption can be! We have lots of experience with adoption in our family. Aside from our daughter Winnie being adopted, Andrew’s father was adopted as a small child and Laura has several cousins that are adopted. We are very close to our family and they are all thrilled to welcome another new addition!

Laura's Fun Facts

Erie, PA

Favorite Holiday:

Favorite Music:
Bob Dylan, Ben Folds, & Pearl Jam

Gardening & Photography

Favorite Food:

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