Andy & Becca Westen

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  • Fall is in the air!  Spending time at a local apple orchard and enjoying a pumpkin latte.
  • Andy makes the best diving board for our nephew, Jett!
  • A group picture of our visit to Six Flags over Georgia.  We love amusement parks!
  • Celebrating Christmas at Becca's parent's house.
  • Andy giving his friend, Logan, a ride down to the lake.  It's the best mode of transportation!
  • Performing a puppet show with Abby
  • We were so excited for the first snowfall and getting to sled with Abby
  • We mustache you a question...
  • Going for a bike ride in Door County, WI
  • Kayaking on a beautiful day
  • Uncle Andy loves snuggles from our sweet nephew, Jett
  • Becca and our fur babies, Addison and Bailey
  • We love visiting the petting zoo and can't wait for our child's turn to feed the animals.
  • Becca at the lake with her friends, Abby and Brynn
  • Checking out some cool fish with Logan and TJ
  • Trying to get our cousin Dean to cheese for the camera.
  • Becca loves goats!  We hope to have our own someday.
  • Getting ready for the fireworks display at Andy's sister's home.  She has a front row location!
  • Andy fishing in the Atlantic Ocean with his brother, Shane.  Andy loves to fish and do anything outdoors.
  • We love to travel, especially when we get to visit places like Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Andy loves to fish, especially with Abby.
  • Visiting a friends lake house in Lake Geneva, WI
  • Andy recently completed a trip on his bike.  It was nearly 300 miles he completed in 5 days.
  • Enjoying a day at Six Flags over Georgia with our nephew.
  • On a cruise, just leaving Grand Turk in the Caribbean
  • A selfie on top of Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, PA.  It has a wonderful view of the city!
  • Anniversary dinner in Greek town of Chicago

Our Story

We have been together for over 6 years now. We share so many common interests but are different in ways that really compliment eachother. We love to introduce each other to new things and are still continuing to do so. We both grew up in small towns with very similar family values and want to raise our family in that same way. Each of us had family dinners at the table together almost every night as children. We feel that is a great way to share our day together by cooking together, sharing the day’s events and laughing together.

Our Favorite Things

We can’t wait to be parents and know that a child will fit seamlessly into the hobbies that we already have. We love to be outside in any season. Growing up, we both fondly remember riding our bikes around our neighborhood and we look forward to teaching our child to ride a bike along side of us. We can’t wait to share our love for camping with s’mores and Andy’s famous campfire pies. This past winter, Becca got Andy on snow skis for the first time. We are always up for an adventure and are not afraid to try new things together and can’t wait to do the same as a family with a little one. We know that he or she will help us to see the world in a whole new and exciting way.

Our Family and Community

Our parents live close by and have been the examples of how we want our family to be. We are extremely close to them and spend holidays together every year. We have a nephew who is Becca’s brother’s stepson. We love him dearly and he has taught all of our family that biology doesn’t matter in the least. Our family has embraced him completely and love to spoil him every chance we get. We can’t imagine our life without him in it. Andy’s brother and sister live nearby and will add to the Aunts and Uncles. Our child will be the first grandchild on his side. There is so much love to go around!

We live in West Lafayette, Indiana and are really excited to explore our community and learn more about it through the eyes of a little one. It is full of walking trails and is a really active community. It is also home to Purdue University and offers all the excitement and diversity that comes from being part of a College town. We are also in a really great school district with the school right up the road from our home! Indianapolis is only an hour away and we can’t wait for our first visit to the Children’s Museum and Zoo and to see the excitement on our child’s face.

Our Promise

We are honored that you took the time to read through our profile. We hope that you would like to learn more about us because we would love the chance to get to know you. We can’t wait to add to our family with a child but we hope that you also want to be a part of our family in whatever way you are comfortable. We promise that your child will grow up knowing his or her adoption story and the difficult decision that you made for him or her out of love. We look forward to learning more of your wishes and are here to offer our unconditional support. Whatever your decision may be, we wish you the best of luck.

My Love for Becca (by Andy)

Becca is the most caring person that has ever come into my life and that is the reason that I fell in love with her. She puts everyone else in her life ahead of herself. She embraces her imperfections and is always the very first person to laugh at herself. Her laugh is what people remember her most for and it’s completely contagious. Becca has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, especially dogs. Our dogs, Bailey and Addison, are a big part of our family, and I know our child won’t be able to get enough sloppy kisses from them! I cannot wait to see Becca rocking our child to sleep and singing nursery rhymes. I know she is eager to become a STAY-AT-HOME MOM and we can’t wait for our family to grow and for you to be a part of it!

Fun Facts about Becca

Favorite Colors:

Favorite Sports:
Chicago Cubs

Favorite Music:
Rolling Stones, Lumineers, Billy Joel, Lady Antebellum, Rihanna, Van Morrison, Elle King

Rehab Furniture, Sewing, Bicycling, Anything outdoors

Favorite Food:
Greek, Italian and a weakness for Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Favorite TV/Movies:
New Girl, The Office, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Parenthood, The Walking Dead

My Love for Andy (by Becca)

Andy has a boyish charm but he usually leads with his serious side of being very supportive, reliable and selfless. Family is always number one to Andy and he makes every decision with our family in mind first. Andy’s passion for his career as a Diesel Engine Technician has allowed him to build a very solid relationship with a great company. He is such a little boy at heart and is always the first one down on the floor to wrestle or build blanket forts. I know that he can’t wait to have a little sidekick to enjoy the outdoors with him by catching a big fish or building a snowman together. Andy also loves woodworking and I am pretty sure that he already has the plans worked up in his head for the best swing set in town! I have no doubts in my head and heart that I will fall in even deeper love watching how he parents our child someday.

Fun Facts about Andy

Woodworking, Remodeling Rooms in Our Home

Outdoor Activities, Photography, Bicycling

Favorite Games:
Uno, Battleship, Monopoly

Favorite Food:
Pizza, however I will eat anything but Sushi

Favorite Music:

3 Words Describing Me:
Fun, Outgoing and Driven

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