Brandon Wollerson and Scott Murphy

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  • All smiles for our Dear Birth Mother Letter cover picture.
  • A pyramid with our favorite purple-loving princess.
  • Picture break in picturesque San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
  • Scott rocking our niece, Georgia, to sleep for the first time.
  • Overlooking Boston harbor.
  • At our favorite charity bike ride.
  • Soaking in the laughter at our wedding.
  • Our summer wedding in New York City.
  • Sharing the joy and excitement of our wedding with the most adorable ring-bearer ever.
  • Flexing our car seat muscles, and meeting Eva for the first time.
  • Brandon meeting our nephew, Grant, for the first time.
  • Scott loving the outdoors.
  • Taking a moment for some "photo booth fun" at our friends' wedding.
  • A black tie affair!
  • Uncle Brandon toting around our favorite niece, Georgia.
  • Picture time at Coney Island in New York.
  • Race time with Marshall--- Marshall always wins!
  • "Peek a boo, Uncle Scott."
  • Posing with our signs of support upon completing our favorite charity bike ride.
  • Right before we said, "I do."
  • Right after we said, "I do."
  • Our fun-loving dogs, Meta (boxer) and Django (cocker spaniel).
  • Scott and Marhall having a blast at the park.
  • The first of many trips together- Rocky Mountain National Park!
  • One more slide, Uncle Scott!

About Us

We met over five years ago, and the chemistry was instant and undeniable. We have a relationship that is built on trust, mutual understanding, and love for each other. We were recently married in New York City, in a ceremony surrounded by our closest friends. We are the proud parents of Meta and Django, a rescue boxer and cocker spaniel. We enjoy cooking together for our large network of friends. Scott enjoys cooking the main course, while Brandon takes on desserts! We live a very active life, and enjoy cycling, travelling and camping.

We live in Austin, a thriving, diverse, and active city deep in the heart of Texas. A city known for its amazing food and live music, Austin is also a great place to raise a family. Our neighborhood is surrounded by young families, and Austin offers limitless opportunities for childhood exploration through its numerous parks, museums, and cultural activities.

Scott’s parents live in Austin and are looking forward to the joy of a new grandchild. Brandon’s family lives in Louisiana, and is already looking forward to their first road trip to meet the newest addition to the family. Scott’s mom is a retired pediatric nurse, and Brandon’s mom is a retired elementary school teacher.

Some Work, Mostly Play

Scott ‘s career as a customer service industry consultant exemplifies his love of problem solving and his remarkable patience in an often-challenging environment. Brandon has also excelled in his career as a social worker, serving those living with chronic illnesses. Social work is a great match for Brandon’s compassion and desire to serve others.

We both enjoy our careers, but always make sure we take time to do the things we love like cooking, travelling, and spending time with our family and friends. We are committed to starting this next chapter as parents, incorporating Scott’s patience and loyalty, and Brandon’s love and compassion in providing the ideal environment for our child.

Becoming Parents

We want nothing more than the opportunity to open our hearts to a child, and create a family full of love, safety, and happiness. We chose open adoption because it best reflects our values of openness and honesty. We can’t wait to share with our child how special he or she is! We look forward to deepening our relationship through the bonds of parenting, and welcome your involvement in this journey.

Our Thanks to You

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Though we know there is no way to fully express our desires to create a family through open adoption, we hope that we have given you a glimpse at the kind of life we will help create for your child.

About Scott

Scott’s amazing sense of patience is one of the things I admire most about him. He takes a hands-on approach to problem solving, and never takes life too seriously. I can’t wait to see him take an active role in parenting our child, whether it’s teaching our child how to make homemade pasta, sharing his love of camping, or showing our child how to grow vegetables in our vegetable garden. I know he’s going to parent with his whole heart, modeling trust, patience, and loyalty for our child.

Scott's Favorite Things

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Favorite TV/Movies:

Favorite Food:


Zodiac Sign:

Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Gibraltar

About Brandon

Brandon’s caring and compassion for others is what drew me to him from the beginning. Brandon has never met a stranger and treats everyone he interacts with as if they were lifelong friends. Brandon also has the unique experience of being adopted, which has undoubtedly shaped his desire to choose open adoption as his preferred way of becoming a parent. We are also fortunate that Brandon will be able to relate to our child in their shared experiences of being adopted. I am so looking forward to being a parent with Brandon and can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Brandon's Favorite Things

Favorite TV/Movies:
Lost, Scandal, Orange is the New Black

Calhoun, Louisiana

Zodiac Sign:
Leo/Cancer (I'm a cusp!)

Favorite Author:
Anne Lamott

Favorite Music:
Pop, Folk, Singer/Songwriter (we are so fortunate that Austin is the live music capital of the world!)

Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, South America, South Africa, Mexico

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