Cheryl Klein and Cecilia Ybarra

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  • Our first paddle boarding adventure!
  • Kicking butt in Mammoth.
  • Our friends Tai and Meilin teach C.C. some yoga moves.
  • Tai and Meilin make sure we get plenty of exercise.
  • With C.C.'s family at a party to celebrate our marriage.
  • With our sisters, who can't wait to be aunts!
  • Hiking in Carmel, California.
  • With Pepe the horse in Puerto Rico.
  • We're amazed by the rainforest in Puerto Rico!
  • When Cheryl was a kid, she really wanted to be an Olympic gymnast.
  • Enjoying the summer in SoCal.
  • C.C. gets in touch with her inner mermaid.
  • Our cats OC and Temecula caught this pink shark.
  • Our cat Ferdinand likes to explore the jungle (also known as the yard).
  • C.C. and her cousin Joe.
  • Our friend Kent keeps Cheryl laughing.
  • Happy Halloween from Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch!
  • Cheryl and her friend Kohana.
  • C.C. and her mom root for the Angels.
  • With Cheryl's grandma on her 80th birthday.
  • Cheryl and her sister Cathy in York, England.
  • Hey, who's the new guy?
  • Cheryl and Kent read Mother Goose.
  • With Walter the dog.
  • C.C. gets ready to take a swing on the flying trapeze.

Our Life

Seven years ago, Cheryl spotted C.C.’s profile online and liked what she had to say about hanging out in the lesser-known parts of Los Angeles. C.C. liked the picture Cheryl had posted, in which she was goofing around doing cheerleading moves with her friends. We met. We talked. We moved in together--with our three cats--a year and a half later. We have a pretty awesome life together. On a typical weekend, we might go for a run in the hills near our house, see a band play at a little club, make pancakes, go to church (a little late, because pancakes take time), then drive a few miles south to see our families. Our parents would sigh when we said we needed to get home and feed the cats, but the cats would be glad.

What would this weekend look like with a child? Well, imagine our baby in one of those jogging strollers when we go running. We’ll play songs from the kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba instead of seeing a band. The cats will happily eat any food the baby drops on the floor. And our parents will be twice as sad when we have to take their grandkid home, but we’ll promise to return soon.

Family and Friends

Both of us grew up in Southern California and love having our parents and sisters close by--we’re looking forward to C.C.’s mom teaching her first grandchild Spanish, and to Cheryl’s dad building a playhouse like the one she had as a kid. Our sisters are counting the days until they can buy baby clothes for the new addition to the family. C.C. has dozens of cousins who are excited to welcome another child at family birthday parties. Since C.C.’s mom was adopted, her family appreciates what it takes for a loving birthmother to place her child in a new home.

Our circle of friends is equally important to us. We go on trips together (if not for our friends Christine and Jody, we never would have learned to ski; as it is, we barely learned) and we know some awesome toddlers who will be excited to have a new “cousin.” But most importantly, our families and friends are there for us when times are tough, and we try to be there for them, too. To us, that’s what makes life meaningful.

Home, Community and Raising Kids

We live in a cozy house in Highland Park, a diverse and artistic community in Northeast Los Angeles. Within a two-mile radius, you can visit an art gallery, buy a Dora the Explorer piñata, attend a multilingual elementary school, take dance lessons, play Little League baseball, star-gaze at a giant park, spot a coyote roaming the hills, and eat Mexican, Salvadoran, Filipino, or Vietnamese food. We love our neighborhood and feel like it fits us well. It’s quiet but not too quiet, just like us.

We want to provide our child with the unconditional love and security we were both fortunate to receive as children. We also want to expose him or her to the many ideas and opportunities the world has to offer. We’ll take our child to our community-oriented Episcopal church, but we’ll respect that every person makes his or her own spiritual journey. Both of us have flexible jobs and we will make lots of quality time for our child. We’ve both worked with young people as camp counselors, teachers and mentors, and we know that kids have as much to teach us as we have to teach them.

Thanks for Stopping By!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you too. If you’d like to talk to us, we’d love to hear from you!

About Cheryl (by C.C.)

Cheryl is incredibly funny while still being kind and accepting of the people around her. From the day we met, I’ve loved her sweet and calm nature. Her natural curiosity and compassion are evident in her writing. Cheryl has published two novels, and as someone who loves books, she can’t wait to read bedtime stories to our child.

As a nonprofit administrator, she’s also extremely organized. She’ll make sure our child gets to all those pediatrician check-ups on time! She loves being physically active, and will enjoy teaching our child her favorite yoga moves. Cheryl is naturally soothing and friendly with our friends’ young children, I look forward to seeing her with our child.

More About Cheryl

Favorite Author:
Toni Morrison, Michael Cunningham, Richard Yates, Francesca Lia Block

Favorite TV/Movies:
Never Let Me Go, Sunset Boulevard, Waiting for Guffman

Favorite Music:
Stephen Sondheim, Fiona Apple, Prince, The Airborne Toxic Event, Cold War Kids

Hawaii, New York, San Luis Obispo, Oaxaca, the Malaysian rainforest

Favorite Quotes:
"Faith isn't magic, but it's keeping my foot in the door." --Mariachi El Bronx

drawing, mentoring, finding bargains at thrift stores

About C.C. (by Cheryl)

Sometimes I accuse C.C. of being psychic. She always knows when I’m sad or anxious no matter how hard I’m trying to play it cool. So I know she’ll be a wonderfully intuitive mom--the kind who knows just what to say and has eyes in the back of her head. She worked as a teacher for several years (now she works at an art college), and she knows how to be both firm and engaging with kids.

She’s also incredibly fun-loving. When she creates paintings or plants flowers with our friends’ kids, she asks them goofy questions and tries to get them to make funny faces--you should see her impression of a pouting dinosaur. She’s patient, generous and a deep thinker. I can’t help but light up every time she walks in the room, and I know our child will do the same.

More About C.C.

Santa Ana, CA

Favorite TV/Movies:
The Godfather, Groundhog Day, Grease

Favorite Sports:
baseball, tennis

Favorite Author:
J.D. Salinger, Jennifer Egan, Edith Wharton

art college administrator and grad student in psychology

running half marathons, gardening, watching movie trailers

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