Dawn and Robert Swift

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  • Kiwi loves watching the TV...especially dog shows.
  • Robert and his grannie!
  • Enjoying a day in the sun.
  • Cooking while camping!  Yummy!
  • At the zoo!
  • Robert "holding up" a tree.
  • Getting ready to see one of Dawn's favorite shows.
  • Kiwi "helped" put up the Christmas tree.
  • Kiwi visits the Easter Bunny!  He had a great time!
  • Enjoying a day at the beach!
  • Enjoying a Varsity Orange slushy.
  • Robert and his Grannie after Robert ran The Peachtree Roadrace in Atlanta, GA.
  • We, including Kiwi, love the beach.
  • Robert and Kiwi playing.
  • OMG!  We have never been this close to a pelican!
  • Dawn teaching Sunday School wit our friends at church.
  • Robert enjoying a round of golf on a beautiful Southern afternoon.
  • Robert making delicious scones for breakfast.
  • In the backyard with Kiwi.
  • Dawn and her mom enjoying a day in the sun!
  • Robert trying to let Kiwi play cards.
  • Eating Halloween candy with Hannah.  Yummy!
  • Playing at the farm with friends.
  • Robert grilling dinner for a family visit.
  • Us before the race.  Ready to cheer Robert on in the race.  He came in first from the family!!!
  • Kiwi was not a fan of the snow!
  • Having fun on a family vacation.
  • Starting the fire while camping.
  • At Lake Benson Park for the day.
  • Kiwi enjoying HIS birthday cake!
  • Looking our best at a friend's wedding.
  • Kiwi enjoys the newspaper.
  • Cheering on our friend Ava at a Cheerleading competition.  Go Ava!
  • A day at the park.
  • All dressed up for date night!
  • Robert playing catch with friends at the park.
  • Robert and his dad before the race.  His dad is proud of him!
  • Robert and his family before running The Peachtree Roadrace in Atlanta, GA.
  • Robert and his mom before the Peachtree Roadrace.

Our Home

We live in Clayton, North Carolina, which is about ten minutes east of Raleigh, North Carolina. We share our home with the cutest little dog ever! Kiwi is great with kids and loves to play. We hope our child will enjoy taking Kiwi to the dog park and dressing him up in silly dog clothes! Our neighborhood is a quiet, friendly place where children are always playing outside and riding bikes. We are looking forward to teaching our child to ride a bike and seeing our child make friends in our great little neighborhood. We will love seeing our little one outside of the house playing make believe with friends.

Our Story

We met online and the moment we met, we knew it was the beginning of an amazing adventure and relationship. Our friendship continues to grow and we are always learning from each other. We look forward to also growing together with our child and teaching him or her about life. We are thrilled about fulfilling our dreams of expanding our family!

Our Careers

Dawn is a Kindergarten teacher and loves teaching and learning from her students! She has a great schedule with weekends, holidays, and summers off for more family time. Dawn cannot wait to share the many adventures and amazing characters in favorite storybooks with our child.

Robert is a Financial Service Representative at a local credit union. Robert loves to help people and to educate them on their financial needs. His regular customers love seeing him in the community. Robert is excited about teaching our child about the importance of finances.

Family and Friends

We cherish our families and our friends! They are dependable, caring, funny, and always willing to help. Everyone is so supportive of us adopting and they have so much love to give our child. We have family in places like Atlanta, Georgia and Evansville, Indiana. We use Skype to keep in contact and talk on the phone with them weekly. During the year, we take trips to visit our parents. They are looking forward to showering their grandchild with love and affection!

Holidays are also a special time with our families. We are looking forward to sharing special holidays and starting new traditions with our child. We are also very involved in our church and enjoy fellowshipping, worshipping, and learning with our church family. We help with Vacation Bible School, church retreats, and the nursery. The children at church will love to have a new friend. We look forward to taking our child to church and raising him or her in our loving family.

About Dawn, by Robert

Dawn is going to be an amazing mommy! She is very nurturing, caring, creative, and fun to be around. I have always loved that when she walks into the room, it makes others want to the same. Dawn loves reading and creating scrapbooks. I can already see her and our child enjoying a fun art project or an adventurous bedtime story together. Dawn is a wonderful teacher and I can see the care, concern, and passion she has for each one of her students. Our child will be very lucky to have a loving mom and great teacher like her.

Fun Facts About Dawn

Scrap booking, Camping, Reading, Dancing, NASCAR, crafts

Favorite Holiday:
Thanksgiving and Christmas--time with family

Favorite Author:
Mary Higgins Clark

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Colors:
Blue, Purple

Favorite TV/Movies:
NCSI, Beauty and The Beast, Grease

About Robert, by Dawn

Robert is really looking forward to being a daddy, and I know he will be wonderful! Robert is my rock and is very strong, yet calm in tough situations. He is a dedicated person, and shows it through his love for his family, friends, and career. I know he will be just as dedicated as a dad. I admire his patience and kindness with children and I know he will have so much compassion for our child. He enjoys baking in his free time. He will love seeing our child’s face while licking the bowl after making his famous biscuits!

Fun Facts About Robert

Gainesville, Georgia

Favorite Music:
Country and Christian Music

Favorite Holiday:

Cooking, camping, and running

Favorite Food:

Zodiac Sign:

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