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Dana Lurie and Dalila Vargas

  • Our campsite in Glacier National Park
  • Afternoon hike with good friends!
  • Nice day for a hike!
  • A litlle beach time
  • Family and friends on New Years Eve
  • Making the ano viejo for New Years Eve in Galapagos
  • Camping trip in Yellowstone
  • Diving in the Galapagos
  • Dana's family
  • Dana with her aunt, uncle and cousin
  • A little bike ride in Monterey, Ca
  • First meeting with Dana's half sister
  • 49er event in San Francisco, Ca
  • A night out in Las Vegas
  • Wine tasting in Sonoma, Ca with Dalila's brother and our good friend Kelly
  • Cousin Ryan giving Max a little love!
  • Christmas with Dana's family
  • Dalila with her brother and family in Panama
  • Dalila's family
  • Dalila and her sisters
  • Dalila and her neice Fabiana
  • Play that funky music, Dalila!
  • Dalila and her brother Hernan in Pananma
  • Amigas...Dana and Dalila's neice Fabiana
  • Just the girls!
  • Dalila and her sisiters at her nephews wedding
  • Look, we match!!!
  • In the Galapagos with Dalila's mother
  • Attending a charity event
  • Jammin' on the piano with the God childrem
  • Dana got her diving certificate!!!
  • 49er game with Dana's cousin
  • Celebrating Dana's mother's birthday

About Dalila (By Dana)

Dalila is an amazing woman. She is strong, kind and is my best friend. I am more comfortable with her than any other person on this planet. I draw strength from her every day. One of the main things about Dalila that I love and admire is her deep devotion and loyalty to her family. She is the youngest of 8 children and is close to all her siblings. Even though she is now living in the United Sates and her family is all in the Galapagos, she makes it a priority to call or Skype with them every week. I have seen her with her nieces and nephews and it brings such joy that I can only smile and think about what a wonderful mother she will be. Education is very important to Dalila. She is smart, logical and filled with common sense! Dalila is also calm cool and collected. Dalila loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time participating in activities like biking, hiking and camping. She has a wonderful sense of the natural world and profound respect for nature. She enjoys photography and has a fantastic eye for it. Our lives are enriched by her interests on a daily basis.


Puerto Ayora, Galapagos

Favorite Holiday:
New Year's Eve

Africa, South America, The U.S., Aruba, Central America,

Languages Spoken:
English and fluent in Spanish

Sports: Running, Biking, Reading, Gardening, Camping, Travel

Favorite Sports:
Soccer, Football and Baseball

About Us

We met in June of 2006 in the Galapagos Islands. We have created a strong relationship over the years built on honesty, love and respect. Family is very important to both of us, and we place a tremendous amount of value in our families. Without it, we would not be where we are today. We both knew we wanted to be parents, the question was how. Open adoption is our answer. We want our child to know his/her biological background and know first-hand how much they are loved.
We love to spend time with our friends and family. Those times are always filled with laughter and fun. Our love and respect for each other keeps our relationship strong and our thirst for life keeps it growing. We love to travel and explore which keeps life interesting. We are a balanced couple who love each other and want to share that with a child. We both have bachelor degrees from well respected universities. Dalila has a degree in Tourist Administration from Universidad Espiritu Santu in Ecuador and Dana received her degree in Sociology from San Jose State University. Dana also attended the University of Oregon. We own and run a small travel company specializing in travel to Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru. We are lucky because this kind of work can be done from home where we can set our own hours and work side by side.

Dana's Adoption Story

I am very familiar with adoption and all the ‘issues’ that surround it. I was adopted at birth by my parents. I bonded strongly with my mom and she and I are two peas in a pod. I even look like her. I never felt lost or out of place in my family. When I met Dalila and got to know her family, I felt it was time to look for my biological parents. Over the past 2 years I have met and am developing relationships with my uncle, aunt, cousins and sister. I wish I had the chance to thank my biological mother, to tell her that the choice she made to let me be raised by another family was the BEST decision she ever made. She loved me. She loved me so much that she gave me a better life. I want you to know that I understand the depth of this process and am forever thankful for your decision to be considering open adoption. It is the hardest and most selfless thing you will ever do.

A Look At Our Life

We live in Woodside, California. Woodside is a small town about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. We have a great school system and supportive community. Although we are near the city, our area is rural. Woodside is known for its horses. Every day you can see people riding their horses along the side of the road. Living in the Bay Area means we are close to a variety of activities. Lake Tahoe is only a few hours away and we are looking forward to teaching our child how to ski or snowboard. We love going to 49er football games, seeing a show at the theatre, and visiting different museums like the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The coast is also about 30 minutes away and we can’t wait to take our child and dog Max out to the beach and play in the sand. We are ideally situated to take advantage of so many activities, and do our best to do just that.
We love spending time with and entertaining our family and friends, this means BBQ’s in the summer and game nights with fondue in the winter. We are big sports fans and love attending as many professional or college events as we can. Dana is a huge music fan which means that we go to a number of concerts during the year. We also love being outdoors. This includes camping, hiking and day trips to the beach or the mountains. We have an older dog, Max, who we rescued 3 years ago. He is the sweetest companion we could ever ask for. Dana’s family (biological and adopted) live close by and we enjoy spending time with them as much as possible. Dalila’s family all live in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. We visit them at least once a year for 6 weeks or more. We like to travel and are excited to show a new life the wonders of the world as we explore new places together. We love life and love new experiences and can’t wait to share that with you and our child.


We plan to be patient parents. We believe in letting a child learn for themselves. This doesn’t mean free to do what you want. This means with guidance and patience we hope our child will learn new things on their own. We all learn from our mistakes. It is important to let those mistakes happen and then to learn from them. We will draw on the experiences of our parents and friends to help guide us through this process of parenting. As parents we believe it is our responsibility to provide a good education for our child. Our child will have the best education available and will have the opportunity, and be encouraged, to attend college. We look forward to bed time stories and lullabies, to soccer
practice and/or ballet classes, and to parent- teacher conferences and graduations. We are excited to be parents!

About Dana (By Dalila)

Dana is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She is honest, loyal and true. Every day she makes me smile, even on the bad days. One of the things I love most about Dana is her patience. She is especially patient with me. She takes the time to understand and not jump to conclusions or to make snap judgments. Dana has a passion for life, which I love. One thing that made me fall in love with her was her respect for other people. She is also the sweetest person I know. Friends are an important part of Dana’s life and she has kept many of the same friends for over 20 years. Dana is a teacher, not only by trade but also by nature. She is incredible with children. Her face lights up when she gets the chance to spend time with her nieces and nephews. Dana is also a believer and has a great faith in people. That is hard to find in the world today. Dana loves to travel and explore new places and people. We have been
very lucky to have traveled together to some very interesting places in the world. My life is better since I met Dana and I am the happiest person in the world.


Music, Sports, Entertaining, Travel, Camping

Favorite Colors:
Yellow and Red

The U.S., Europe, South America, Thailand, China, Australia, Africa

Favorite Holiday:

Favorite Sports:
Football and Baseball

3 Words Describing Me:
Generous, Fun, Caring

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