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Dylan Hawhee & Jonna Hensley

  • Dylan tells Quinn a joke
  • Jonna, Giti and Deb, with Quinn
  • Jonna and Jonah have a snuggle
  • Dylan and Max have a conversation
  • Meeting Sana just a couple days after she was born - miraculous!
  • Our sweet doggies Cowboy and Clover
  • Jonna and her sister and nieces meet an elephant!
  • Dylan having fun with our nephew Jonah.
  • Having fun with Go Karts in San Francisco
  • Jonna meeting sweet Quinn- and having a staring contest!
  • Dylan put baby Sydney to sleep right away!
  • Jonna with our niece Olivia when she was a baby
  • We loved meeting baby Ryan- and he loved his bottle!
  • Jonna's getting sweet time with baby Ryan
  • Our family coming together on our wedding day - City Hall in San Francisco.
  • Dylan learning to rock climb at a friend's birthday party.
  • Jonna with our nieces Mady and Olivia at her MBA graduation at St. Mary's College.
  • Jonna with Addison - she was so small and sweet.
  • Auntie Jonna having spontaneous dance with Olivia at Marine World
  • Dylan with our nephew Adam, taking a break from a bike ride
  • Jonna with our friend Ellie reading a book before bedtime
  • Jonna with our niece Olivia
  • Our cat Simba
  • Playing ball with Addison- so many giggles
  • In New York City at the top of Rockafeller Center. So Cool!
  • Jonna snorkeling at Molokini near Maui - what a beautiful morning.
  • Us in our backyard
  • Celebrating in NYC after we got engaged!

A Little About Us

We have been together more than 15 years, and while we have enjoyed working and getting educated, we’ve always dreamed of having a family. Jonna now works for the human resources team at a solar start-up called Sungevity, and she is happy to have flexibility to work from home or end the day early to spend time with family and friends. Dylan has worked as a paramedic for many years and is now practicing massage and studying to become an acupuncturist. She is also looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom. Jonna loves to try new recipes, and Dylan is an avid gardener and loves growing vegetables we can eat! Vacations often take us to favorite places like Seattle, Hawaii and New York City. We practice yoga, go to dance classes, and take long walks with the dogs through the neighborhood. We can already envision adding a stroller or a sweet snuggle wrap to our walks and can’t wait to begin building memories with our child.

Quick Facts

Dylan: Grass Valley, CA - Jonna: Antioch, CA

Dylan: Associate of Science - Jonna: MBA

Zodiac Sign:
Dylan: Leo - Jonna: Aquarius

Dylan: massage, screen printing - Jonna: singing

Favorite Colors:
Dylan: Orange - Jonna: Green

3 Words Describing Me:
Dylan: Hardworking, Kind, Fun - Jonna: Curious, Silly, Loving

Where We Live

We love living in Oakland, the sunny side of the bay! Our neighborhood is diverse and vibrant, and full of great things for children. We can walk to Lake Merritt, the local library, Saturday’s Farmer’s Market, and a huge playground. At home, we have created a sweet space to hang out, watch TV, cook, and do projects. We love animals and have two dogs, Cowboy and Chloe, and a cat named Simba. The dogs love to bask in the sun on the back deck, and we often join them to read or visit with friends. We love to host barbeques, game nights, and any kind of celebration. We often hear how much people love our home, and we can’t wait to fill it with all of our child’s first experiences.

Our Family and Friends

We are so lucky to have such a supportive community of friends and family. Jonna’s family is close by in the Bay Area, and Dylan’s family lives a few hours away near Grass Valley, California, a beautiful place we look forward to visiting with our child to see the horses and enjoy the fresh country air. Many of our friends are already parents, and we love getting to know their children. We are often overwhelmed by the excitement of our friends to welcome a child into our family, accepting handmade quilts, sweaters, and other thoughtful gifts to fill our waiting nursery. We learn so much from our friends as they raise their children, and know we will have constant opportunities for play dates and sleepovers. Our child will be surrounded by people who will cherish the opportunity to get to know all about his or her hopes, dreams, and favorite things.

About Jonna (by Dylan)

Jonna is open and positive, and sees life with the glass half-full. She is generous and loving, and has taught me to celebrate all the joys of life, no matter how small. She truly accepts people where they are. Jonna also has a gift of really letting go and being silly. Sometimes, she will just break out in a funny dance that makes all the young ones feel at ease and usually starts them dancing too. She will really enjoy all of parenting, especially reading, baking delicious treats together, and just snuggling. Jonna will be a great mother, inspiring our child to grow up with motivation to be whatever he or she wants to be, without any fear.

About Dylan (by Jonna)

Dylan is my best friend and my favorite person. She is kind, generous, patient and playful. She is a hard worker, loves to fix and build things, and isn’t afraid to try something new. She lets me be exactly who I am, and I know she will bring the same loving acceptance to our child. I know she can’t wait to be a mom, visiting with friends and their children, playing games, and taking our child on long walks to see the beautiful trees and listen for the many songbirds in the neighborhood. She will be a calm, loving parent, offering encouragement and a steady, loving presence.

We Promise You...

We can’t wait to share our love and happiness with a child. We promise to be the best moms we can be, and that your child will know the incredible, loving choice that brought us all together. We recognize this is a difficult and courageous choice you’re exploring, and our top priority would be working with you to create a level of openness that makes you comfortable. We would welcome your ongoing presence in our family and we hope you will contact us so we can get to know you.

Fun Stuff

Learning new things, Yoga, Dancing, Hiking, Playing Games, Cooking, Bike Rides, Movies

Favorite Games:
Bananagrams, Farkle, Apples to Apples, Cranium, Celebrity, Contract Rummy

We love New York, Hawaii, Seattle, and discovering new places

Cooking and baking, dancing, silk screening, photography, gardening, reading, singing, and collecting cool music

Favorite Food:
We love dim sum from the farmer's market, and special gluten free baked goods

Favorite Quotes:
There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in. ~ Leonard Cohen

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