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Jessica, Kennedy and Brad Hanson

  • Enjoying some fun in the sun!
  • Jessica pushing Kennedy on the swings.
  • Brad teaching colors to his Kindergarten Class.
  • Jessica and Kennedy with friends John and Natalya for a swim class.
  • Brad, Jessica and Kennedy with Kennedy's birthmother and birthsister at a picnic.
  • Brad has big enough arms for multiple children!
  • First kisses for Kennedy!
  • Brad making Shaun fly.
  • Maxwell loves to pose for the camera - he's such a show off.
  • Jessica finishing the SF Half-Marathon with her running partner Nicole and her kids.
  • On a safari in Africa - our favorite trip ever!
  • Brad and Gramm at the Boathouse in Central Park New York.
  • In Bermuda riding from beach to beach.
  • Jessica in a beatuiful spot in Ireland.
  • Jessica and Emma on a train to the zoo.
  • Jessica in front of her favorite store (and where she worked for 5 years.)
  • Sailing in the sea - I think this is the time we flipped the boat!
  • At the best broadway show out there.
  • Celebrating Meme's 80th birthday - what a blast!
  • Our favorite spot - the beach!
  • On the subway with Emma and Gramm.
  • With our god-daughter Emma at our wedding in 2000!
  • Brad and Jessica with Kennedy at 2 weeks old.
  • Jessica making dinner!
  • The family attempting to dance together.
  • Brad with his K Class!
  • Two smart kids, 1 week apart in age and friends since birth!
  • Hiking in Muir Woods with great friends.
  • In Cape Town loving the view!
  • OUr former hometown, San Francisco in the back ground.
  • In Spain enjoying some sights.
  • Hugging one of her best friends, Shayne.
  • Celebrating Kennedy with good friends.
  • Celebrting with our professor from Business School.
  • Getting ready for a work event.
  • Hiking with friends.
  • enjoying our time with good friends.
  • Cousin goofing around!
  • Kayaking!
  • Family Vacation in December 2013!
  • Goat feeding..a little scary!
  • Peek-a-boo!
  • Opening a bakery is a tough job!
  • Enjoying some beach time together.
  • What a beauty!
  • Jessica's job allows her to meet some famous stars occassionally.
  • Mom appreciating Jessica's cooking!
  • Cousins thrilled to be together.
  • Jessica with her ovely mother and sister.

All About Jessica by Brad

Jessica has been in my heart since I was a teenager. In fact, I often wonder how I ever lived without her. She has always demonstrated the ability to be compassionate to others and creative in her own way. Jessica has a heart of gold and the ability to empathize with all of her family and friends. She is an amazing mom. Whether it is preparing homemade organic food or attending mommy and me classes, she will always make time for our children. Jessica will teach our children to be independent thinkers and reach for any star or goal they want to achieve. She will always be the best mother I know.

A little about Jessica...

Favorite Holiday:
Thanksgiving - because I love to cook.

Favorite Games:
Wheel of Fortune

Favorite Food:

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Music:
Any Broadway Tune!

About Us

We met many years ago while we were both in high school and developed a great friendship that has lasted as we built our lives together. Shortly after college, Brad proposed on New Year’s Eve and a year later we were married on one of our favorite beaches in California. While having experienced both exciting and challenging times, we have built a strong, trusting partnership that we look forward to sharing with our children. In January 2011, our daughter, Kennedy, entered our lives through an open adoption. She has brought us so much happiness! We have so much love to share, and we can’t wait to welcome our next child into our home!

Where We Work

We are both fortunate to have careers that we enjoy very much and employers who are very supportive as we build our family. Jessica works for a cosmetics company as the Vice President of Business Development, where she has the flexibility to work from home when necessary and ample vacation time. Her co-workers are all parents and understand the value of family time and that home life is the most important aspect to a successful career. Brad works for an internet technology company as the Director of Sales. He works from home and has a flexible schedule that will allow him to participate in school activities or run errands for our family.

Our Journey into Adoption

We feel fortunate that Kennedy will always know she is loved by her birth family and they will always be able to to watch her grow up through visits, pictures and videos. We often share with Kennedy the wonderful story of how we became a family. We continue to have a great relationship with her birthmother and believe that open adoption has truly been the experience of a lifetime. We look forward to creating a connection with you and your family, and welcome whatever level of contact you would like to have with your child.

Our Passions In Life

We are adventurous and active, and love spending time with our friends and family. Whether it is a trip to a local museum or our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa, we love to explore new things. We can’t wait to take our children on trips to learn about different cultures around the world. We are passionate about running and together have participated in over a dozen half-marathons in big and small cities around the United States.

All About Brad by Jessica

Brad has been an inspiration in my life since the first day I met him twenty years ago. He is always thinking of new ideas and is a naturally joyful, energetic person. Children have always made Brad truly happy. He has a unique way of connecting with kids of all ages whether it is playing a game, reading a book, or helping them with their homework. Brad was a kindergarten teacher before we were engaged and I had a chance to see his positive influence on young children. He is a wonderful, hands-on father who is eager to feed, change, and read to our children every day. Brad is my best friend, the person I trust the most in my life. I can’t wait to experience the joys of parenthood with him again!

A little about brad......

Favorite Holiday:
Halloween - I love costumes.

Favorite Food:
Jessica's Lasanga and Fajitas (or just about anything she cooks)

Learned how to ride a unicycle in jr. high!

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Games:
Pictionary - I've laughed the most playing this game.

Favorite Colors:
Green, Blue and Red

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