Holly Guss & Heather Brown

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  • Sharing the love of reading with our niece, Sophie
  • Aunt Holly having fun in the surf with Hazel
  • Our dogs enjoying a picnic lunch with Holly
  • Aunt Holly playing the Bubble Monster with Sophie
  • Sophie and Aunt Heather being brave at the carnival
  • Aunt Heather getting messy with Hazel and pal, Cameron
  • Gardening with our neighbors Pearl & Liberty
  • Aunt Heather, Hazel and friends drumming at a downtown drum circle
  • Dolphin watching with Heather's family at the beach
  • Holly and her Dad proving that goofy hats run in the family
  • Getting silly with our niece, Sophie
  • Visiting the chickens at a local farm with our niece, Hazel
  • Aunt Heather and Hazel blowing bubbles at Grandma's house
  • On a rainy day hike
  • Heather and our friend Kiera find a turtle in South Carolina
  • Heather and our dog Lyla playing frisbee on the beach
  • Holly and her Mom and Stepdad in Arizona
  • Hazel and Aunt Heather looking at family photos
  • Best buddies - our dog Lyla and niece Hazel
  • Aunt Holly and Sophie on our family beach trip
  • Ziplining through the canopy in Ohio
  • Holly and her Dad and Stepmom posing before a parade in New Mexico
  • Heather setting up the craft project at a family birthday party
  • Holly enjoying a walk on the beach with our dogs Lilly and Spencer
  • Aunt Heather, Hazel and friends feeding Buttercup, the pony
  • Aunt Holly and Hazel on clean-up duty after baking
  • Heather, her sister Keely, and niece Sophie at our neighborhood museum
  • Aunt Holly supervising crafts with Sophie and neighborhood friends

Our Story

We met at our local animal shelter and became instant friends. Over the years, that friendship bloomed into deep love, and after over 10 years together, we remain each other’s best friend. We believe in trying to make the world a better place by the way we live and always being able to laugh together. We look forward to sharing these values with our child.

Heather is an outgoing, creative person who is always willing to try something new. As a STAY-AT-HOME MOM, she’ll love showing our child how to make simple things beautiful, like the meals she prepares with veggies from our garden. Holly is more reserved, but fiercely loyal and kind. She can’t wait to share the joys of reading, volunteering, and riding bikes with our child. We’re so excited to become Moms through open adoption!

Our Community

Our home is located in the welcoming, diverse, and fun-filled town of Durham, North Carolina. We cannot imagine a better place to raise a child and are so excited to share the things we love with a little one! Our neighborhood offers so many fun activities and places to explore. Many times we have pictured ourselves joining other families on an evening walk around the park with our new addition. Our park also hosts a monthly food truck rodeo where we hang out with friends and enjoy yummy, local food. We can’t wait to clean our child’s sticky fingers after a delicious LocoPop!

Halloween is also a fun time in our neighborhood, where the streets are blocked off for an annual festival. We’ll love snapping pictures of our costumed kid joining in the fun. Summers will be filled with trips to the museum and cooling off at the pool and spray park, all within walking distance of our home. Greater Durham offers countless opportunities for family fun. From eating hotdogs at a Bulls baseball game to dancing at a concert on the downtown lawn, there will always be something exciting to do!

Our Family

Our family cannot wait to welcome our child into their lives. We are very fortunate that Heather’s family lives nearby and will be able to share in the special moments with us. Open house invitations are the norm during the holidays, and you will always be welcome. We are so excited to share our family traditions with a child, like setting up the ceramic winter village at Christmas and building sandcastles on our family beach trip each fall!

Watching our nieces grow has been one of our greatest joys. We can’t wait to see them take their new cousin on a golf cart ride through the woods at Grandma’s house. Holly’s parents are busily readying the baby’s room and picking out gifts to spoil their first grandchild! We look forward to family fishing trips on the lake in Georgia with Holly’s dad and stepmom and hikes through the Arizona desert with her mom and stepdad. Our dogs, Spencer, Lilly and Maggie, are like family to us and will no doubt enjoy all the crumbs dropped by our little one!

Our Hope

Our hope is that you can picture your child supported by our commitment to one another and filled by the love and laughter of our lives. Our family has been created by blood, marriage, adoption, but most importantly, love. There is more than enough room in our hearts for not only our child but for his or her birth family. We believe that only positive things can come from the love of open adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We’d love to hear from you!

About Holly, By Heather

Holly is my best friend and greatest cheerleader. She inspires me to be my best self and encourages me through her love and support. I love how Holly lives her life with purpose and is always trying to make the world a better place in all that she does. From being a college advisor to students in our public schools to volunteering at our local animal shelter, she will be such a tremendous role model for our child.

Holly loves to read, and I can’t wait to hear her silly voices for bedtime stories every night. Holly will be a patient guide for homework time and an eager companion for summer adventures. Growing up playing sports, I can imagine Holly swelling with pride at our child’s first basket or kissing away a skinned knee.

Snapshots of Holly

I grew up in Florida so I'm always cold and still need to wear socks to bed. I'd also love to live by the water again someday.

Favorite Sports:
Duke basketball, American Ninja Warrior, Crossfit, Tennis, Olympic Gymnastics

Volunteering with animals, reading, local politics and education, board games and puzzles

Favorite TV/Movies:
My guilty pleasure is reality TV like The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Naked & Afraid, and Auction Kings. I also love to rewatch old movies like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins, and A Christmas Story.

Favorite Quotes:
Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

About Heather, By Holly

Heather jumps into life with her whole heart and makes friends wherever we go. Her warmth and passion for what she believes drew me in from the start. She will no doubt shape our child into a compassionate and giving person. Our home is always a welcoming place because of her artistic touches and the delicious smells of her home cooking. I can picture her pulling out the kitchen step-stool as soon as our little one is old enough to help mix and stir!

Heather also owns her own business and can’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom! I imagine coming home to their gifts of sticky macaroni necklaces and goofy paper plate creations. Our child will also experience the joy of getting dirty, with Heather leading bug-finding expeditions through the park and playing fetch in the backyard with our dogs.

Snapshots of Heather

New York - I am a pizza snob and have a bad accent when I get tired.

Favorite Books/Magazines:
My all-time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Favorite Food:
Fresh local vegetables, seafood straight from the ocean and summer ripe tomato sandwiches

Favorite Games:
Words with Friends, Bananagrams, Draw Something, and Scattergories. But I am a Scrabble champion!

Cooking, gardening, reading, crafting and yard saling

Favorite Quotes:
How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank

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