James & Ryan Cueva

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  • Enjoying the sights in the south of France. Welcome to St. Tropez!
  • Ryan and niece Rylee baking her favorite sugar cookies. She loves extra pink frosting on her cookies!
  • Pretty in Pink! Rylee and Bradey's first sleep over at our house. We had pancakes for breakfast
  • Rolling in the grass on an old Swedish estate. It took us 1 hour on a row boat to get there!
  • On summer vacation in Sweden. We loved this abandoned rowboat and thought it would make a pretty picture.
  • Party in the USA! Bradey, Rylee and James marching in our home town 4th of July parade.
  • Welcome home! Our little doggies Bentley and Marley.
  • James holding our niece Rylee for the first time. She was sleeping the whole time and did not cry.
  • Proud uncle holding our niece Rylee for the first time
  • Celebrating the birth of our niece Rylee with Ryan's family. It was also Ryan's grandfather's 80th bday. There are 4 generations in this picture.
  • Celebrating our niece Rylee's 2nd birthday with Ryan's Mom and two sisters. Our niece Bradey was only a couple of months old and wanted to play with all of Rylee's gifts!
  • One of the happiest days of our lives....Our wedding day!
  • Family picture time on our wedding day with Ryan parents and grandparents
  • Celebrating our wedding shower at our best friends house. We were pretty excited and could not wait for the big day.
  • Enjoying the warm sun of Hawaii
  • Aloha! Ryan with his grandparents and sister at a luau in Hawaii.
  • All smiles on Christmas day with Ryan's family. We were all on Santa's good list that year!
  • Christmas stockings are hung!
  • Look at the snow bunnies! Ryan with his sister Lindsie and niece Rylee playing in the local mountain snow.
  • Ryan celebrating Halloween with a little witch (Rylee) and a fluffy cupcake (Bradey). Our town goes all out for Halloween.
  • Trick or Treat! Celebrating one of our favorite holidays.
  • Ryan and niece Bradey having fun on the boat. Bradey loves to sit on uncle's lap while she pretends to drive the boat.
  • Relaxing on the boat in Dana Point harbor. The harbor is 10 minutes from our house and has a kid friendly beach.
  • Ryan and niece Rylee all excited to be at Knottsberry Farm. Meeting Snoopy and riding the rollercoaster was her favorite.
  • Bath time for our dog Bentley. He hates getting a bath and runs around the house to air dry.
  • Cooking up a storm in our friends Swedish kitchen. We were actually cooking Mexican food for them.... too funny!
  • Our niece Rylee with James' parents Ed and Sue out to dinner. Rylee likes to call them Grandpa Ed and Grammy Sue
  • James with his parents hanging out in Newport Beach
  • On vacation in Vancouver, Canada. One of the friendliest cities we have been to.
  • London bridge is falling down! On vacation in London and seeing all the sights.
  • All dressed up for a friends wedding in the Caribbean
  • Bonjor! On vacation in Paris. It was cold and raining everyday we were there. That was okay though because we ate some great food.
  • Ryan with our friends daughter watching her learn how to walk. She looks a little wobbly!
  • Throwing a baby shower for one of our best friends. We did a really good job! Lots of pink and purple balloons did the trick!
  • Playing a game on the computer with our friends daughter. All the words were in Swedish and I could not understand a word!

About Us

We have been together for 10 years since first meeting at a college conference in New York City. One of the conversations we had that weekend was about how we would both love to have children. We had an instant connection, but James lived on the East Coast, while Ryan was living on the West Coast. Less than a year went by before James moved to sunny California so we could start our lives together. We have been happily married since 2008 and are excited to take the next steps to expand our family.

Together, we create such a strong partnership, one that will allow us to be amazing parents. We come from a blended family with roots planted all over the United States and beyond. We have aunts, uncles, cousins and friends in places such as New York, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Alaska, Ecuador and Sweden. We would love to share all the cultures and traditions that make up our family and provide our child with the opportunity to travel the world.

No Place Like Home

We are blessed to live in a beautiful community called Ladera Ranch. Ladera is located in south Orange County, 10 minutes from the beach, an hour north of San Diego and an hour south of Los Angeles. Our neighborhood is filled with parks, playgrounds, community pools and lots of open space to play sports or have picnics on the weekends. Our tree-lined neighborhood is filled with kids of all ages, including infants. Not a day goes by that we don’t see kids playing in their yards and at our cul-de-sac park. We look forward to one day bringing our child with us to neighborhood block parties, the Christmas Lights Parade, as well as to the big 4th of July Celebration. We are fortunate that Ladera Ranch has great schools and plenty of activities for any child’s interest.

We share our home with our two dogs, Bentley and Marley. They both play well with other dogs and love kids, especially our nieces. Bentley and Marley are loving puppies that will easily welcome a new member to their family.

Friends & Family

We are so lucky to have a great support system filled with loving friends and family. Both of us come from tight-knit families and we are blessed to have close family living less than five minutes away. Ryan’s mom and stepdad, younger sister and her two girls (Rylee, 5) and (Bradey, 3) live in Ladera Ranch as well. Ryan’s other sister is also nearby in Newport Beach. We find ourselves getting together for weekly gatherings, whether it’s pizza and American Idol nights or afternoon backyard BBQ’s. We celebrate all the holidays together and take turns hosting at each other’s homes. We go all out with decorations, food, parties, music, dancing and always manage to have a great time. We can’t wait to share all this fun and love with our child! James' family lives in New York and come out to visit a couple of times a year. When they come to visit they have a wonderful time hanging out with Ryan's family and get along really well.

The majority of our friends have kids and can’t wait for us to join them in sharing the joys of parenthood. When our friends bring their kids to our dinner parties and weekend BBQ’s, it fills our hearts to hear the laughter and to feel the joy that children bring into our home.

Our Promise On Parenting

There is an unconditional love that we experienced growing up that we would like to share with our child. We want to lead by example to give our child the best possible life. Our home will be filled with laughter, hugs and kisses, family time, music, and a strong support system. We both think it is important to give our child real world experiences through travel and other activities, so he/she can learn about all kinds of different people and places. We are looking forward to our child joining us on those journey's.

About James By Ryan

James has been a driving force in my life since we first met. His kindness and openness to meeting new people and experiencing the unknown has allowed me to grow as a person. James is an extremely patient person and I know this will be a big asset when we have a child. James is currently the store manager for a luxury jewelry boutique. Being the manager has its perks, as he can make his own schedule and has the flexibility to make changes as needed.

James will make an amazing father as he is loving, nurturing and understanding. I can’t wait to watch him help our child get dressed in the morning, help with homework after school and teach him/her the simple things in life. It is my honor to enter into parenthood with James and I couldn’t imagine taking this journey with anyone else.

Fun Facts About James

Hyde Park, NY

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Music:
Pop, Dance, Jazz

Favorite Food:
French Fries and Pizza

Favorite Holiday:
Christmas and 4th of July

Favorite TV/Movies:
American Idol and Modern Family

About Ryan By James

When I met Ryan I was instantly caught off guard by how warm, friendly and outgoing he was -- like no one I had met before. He has a sparkle in his eye that makes you want to know more about him. I know Ryan will make a wonderful father because he has a big heart and cares deeply for his family and friends. When he plays with our nieces at the park -- helping them up the jungle gym and pushing them on the swings -- their laughter warms his heart. I know that because I can see him holding back his proud tears. He is always willing and ready to help me with anything that I need and only wants me to succeed in all aspects of my life.

He is such the planner and is extremely organized. No one is ever disappointed in a trip or party that Ryan plans! He is a hard worker when it comes to his job or at home. He gets a kick out of watering the flowers in our yard because he says it makes him “feel good” and wants to give “love” to our flowers. With a love for music that started at a young age, Ryan has his dream job, working in the concert business for the past 15 years. Ryan has the flexibility with his schedule to take days off and have lots of downtime in the winter months to be with our child. I know that if he can give love to our flowers, dogs, and our family, that he will love our child with every ounce of his being.

Fun Facts About Ryan

Phoenix, AZ

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Music:
Pop, Dance, R&B, Jazz, Reggae

Favorite TV/Movies:
Reality TV

Favorite Food:
Mexican, Indian and Thai

Favorite Holiday:
Christmas and Halloween

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