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Jason Holling & Justin Karas

About Justin (By Jason)

When I met Justin for the first time, I knew he was special and the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Justin has a positive, out-going, and fun personality that is contagious to everyone around him. He loves kids and is incredible with our nieces and nephews as well as a pro at creating stories and coming up with fun new games to play.

Currently, Justin works as supervisor at a local bank. Justin’s workplace is family oriented and will allow him the flexibility to be at our child’s school and sporting events.

I am always amazed by the care and compassion Justin has for others. I am confident that Justin will teach our child the same values he has for the world. I will be blessed to become a parent with Justin.

Fun Facts About Justin

Choir, Volleyball, Camping, Canoeing, and Hiking

Gardening, Cooking, and Volunteering in the Community

Oakland, IA

Favorite TV/Movies:
Downton Abbey, Armywives, Saturday Night Live, I Love Lucy, Pitch Perfect, Twilight

Favorite Sports:
Volleyball and Kickball

Our Story

We began dating in February of 2004. Jason was living in Omaha, NE and Justin in a nearby small town called Oakland, IA. We quickly realized that we both shared the same family values and similar interests in life. In the summer of 2005, we knew our relationship was strong and moved in together with our dog Bailey and later added Roxie and Molly to our small family.

Throughout the years, we have always dreamed of starting a family of our own but never thought it was possible. We cannot wait to share our passion for living with our child. Our child will always be surrounded by the support of family, friends, and unconditional love. The thought of becoming parents excites us and we are ready to provide our child with limitless opportunities and endless love.

Our Home

We are fortunate to live in Omaha, NE in the historic Dundee area with safe schools and playgrounds. In October of 2011, our neighborhood was named one of the nation's 10 best by the American Planning Association. In addition, Omaha was recently ranked one of the top ten best places for raising a family.

We live on a bike trail and a large park that was recently remodeled across the street. Justin and Jason helped the neighborhood association raise the funds and design the playground over the past year. We can picture quiet evenings in the summer with our child having a picnic in the park and playing on the new swings.

Family and Friends

Jason grew up in a small town in Illinois with his younger sister. His family lives in Illinois and we enjoy trips back home to spend time with his nieces. Justin grew up on the family farm in a small town in Iowa with his older brother. We are fortunate to have them close to our house to spend time with his nephew and niece. Our families have both been extremely supportive and excited about our decision to choose open adoption. Our nieces and nephews are already excited to have another cousin to go camping and sledding with.

We are also blessed to have many close friends through our involvement in the community and church who are also supportive of our decision to choose open adoption.

Our Interests

We love to play sports and look forward to teaching our child how to play them. One of our biggest dreams as fathers is attending our child’s games and other school activities; to cheer him or her on and watch our child succeed. We also both enjoy cooking, gardening, horseback riding on the farm, as well as many other outdoor activities. One of our favorite things in the summer is to camp and canoe with Justin's family. We cannot wait to include our child on future trips and teach him or her our love for the outdoors.

In addition, we are both active in the community through sports, neighborhood association events, and church. We have also hosted movie nights in the park for neighborhood families and other fun activities for the neighborhood children.

About Jason (By Justin)

When I met Jason, I was attracted to his sense of humor and charming personality. He is the most nurturing, caring, and patient person I have ever met. I am thankful that we are able to share the same goals, morals, and values in raising our family together.

He looks forward to spending his days playing at the park across the street, camping with our families, and reading books with our child. Jason works at a large company as an IT director. He is fortunate to work for a company that is flexible with working families and allows him to adjust his schedule as needed as well as work from home during the week. Jason looks forward to being able to take our child to school in the morning as well as pick him or her up after school and hear about what our child learned that day.

Fun Facts About Jason

Volleyball, Softball, Camping, and Hiking

Cooking, Gardening, Technology/Gadgets

Geneseo, IL

Favorite TV/Movies:
Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Big Brother

Favorite Sports:
Volleyball and Softball

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