John, Richel & Kiana Lewis

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  • A romantic day visiting family in Nevada.
  • Richel and Kiana go strawberry picking near the coast.
  • Kiana loves our dog Scruffy.
  • Kiana plays catch with daddy in our backyard.
  • Biking in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • John and his brothers, Mike, Mark and Brian.
  • Richel loves cuddle time.
  • Richel's family having fun at the park.
  • Grandma June spends time with Kiana.
  • Goofing off in the grass.
  • John, Kiana and Scruffy love hiking at Lake Tahoe.
  • John with his father and Kiana in Virginia.
  • We visit John's father Fred, his wife Tanya and her son Roma .
  • John hangs with brother Brian and sisters Deborah and Wendy.
  • Richel, Kiana and neice Isabella have fun wrestling in the grass.
  • John takes a big leap at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.
  • Kiana just a few weeks old with mom and dad.
  • We love swinging and going to the park!
  • Richel with sister Dareen, her mother June, and sister Benicia.
  • John and Richel cuddling with baby Kiana.
  • Kiana and Richel laughing while boating on Lake Tahoe.
  • We love going to the Los Gatos Vasona Lake County Park.


Hello. We are John, Richel and Kiana Lewis. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our family. We have so much admiration for your selflessness and courage as you travel on this journey looking for a loving family for your child. We believe you have an amazing love for your baby as well as incredible compassion and strength. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and become a part of our family.

Our Story

We met through two of our dearest friends. We initially spoke for hours every night, and over time our love blossomed. We not only fell in love but became best friends. We were married in 2005, and our love and friendship is deep and spiritual.

Kiana came into our lives in December 2006. Both of us were ready to start a family and feel so privileged to be her parents. She is extremely outgoing, full of life and very affectionate and loving. She has always wanted a sibling and talks about fixing his/her hair, changing diapers, reading stories to a little one, and giving kisses and hugs. Our family will be complete when we welcome another child into our lives.

Our families are quite large. Between us we have nine siblings. Our new child will have a total of 20 cousins, two grandmothers, a paternal grandfather, and a step-grandmother. We visit our families as much as we can and they are thrilled to welcome another member into the family. Grandma June came to help out when Kiana was a newborn and plans on being here for the arrival of our next child as well.

Our Home and Interests

Our comfortable home is nestled on a mountain top in Los Gatos. There is so much space to enjoy with gorgeous views all around. We love going for long walks on the nearby trails and watching the sunset from our back deck, while cooking dinner on the grill.

From our deck you can see Monterey Bay and at night we see a sky full of stars. We have wonderful neighbors nearby so our children will have many playmates. Richel is very connected in our community and enjoys leading a mother’s group. There are never any shortages of play dates.

As a family we love going to the park, hiking, playing tennis, biking and many other outdoor activities. We keep active at home doing art projects, gardening, arranging puzzles, singing, dancing, and strumming the guitar. We also love to read and tell stories to Kiana. When our baby arrives, we will sing songs and lullabies while rocking him/her in our comfortable glider in our living room.

We also enjoy going on weekend trips nearby. We sometimes rent cabins around Lake Tahoe or Big Sur where we go hiking in the mountains, play in the snow or swim at the beach.

As Parents

We hope to lead by example and inspire in our children a sense of confidence, independence, and respect for themselves and others. Honesty, integrity, spiritual growth, love of life and, most importantly, being helpful to others are continually encouraged in our home. We value a childhood full of laughter and will support our children to live life to the fullest.

Thank you for considering making your child a part of our family. We hope to hear from you soon and welcome the opportunity for you to become a part of our life.

With Love and Respect,

John and Richel

John by Richel

John is a very intelligent, fun, affectionate husband and father. He is a great dad who cannot wait to add another child into the mix. No matter how busy his workday is, he always finds time for his family. John loves to draw, color, dance and act goofy as well as help Kiana with her learning exercises. Since John comes from a rather large family, he has always dreamt of parenting another child. He is really looking forward to expanding our family!

John enjoys his work in high tech as a Senior Manager in the Silicon Valley. We are fortunate that his job allows him the flexibility to work from home part of the week so he can spend more time with our children.

John's Favorites

Favorite Music:
jazz, rock, and all things wierd

Favorite Food:
Thanksgiving Dinner

3 Words Describing Me:
nerdy, focused, and goofy

China, India, Europe, New Zealand, North America, South and Central America

Favorite Books/Magazines:
Novel -- Mystery, Adventure, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

sketching, guitar, reading, and hiking

Richel by John

Richel is a light-hearted, effusive and caring person who is a great wife, mother and friend. She has a personality of a rarified combination – honesty, love, creativity and spirituality. The room lights up as she walks in. Richel always sees the bright side of someone and is very welcoming to those she meets. Photography is Richel’s passion and she has been a professional photographer for many years. Richel also enjoys taking creative photos of our family, and excitedly anticipates creating many lasting memories for our children.

Being a STAY-AT-HOME MOM is extremely important to Richel. She stayed at home with Kiana for the first 2 ½ years, and intends on doing the same for our new baby. Richel loves creating special times with Kiana including making jewelry and painting. They also enjoy going on fun strawberry picking outings and taking long walks in the redwoods. Richel looks forward to teaching our new little one how to communicate with baby signs and practicing the alphabet and writing skills.

Richel's Favorites

photography, writing poems, dancing, singing, reading, art projects with my child

riding horses, biking, camping, hiking, boating, skiing, long walks on the beach or in a quaint town, window shopping

I am a professional photographer and just love photographing people and capturing the spirit of the person!

I've been to England, Scotland, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico and many cities and states in the U.S. I am looking forward to visiting many more countries in the future!

Favorite Books/Magazines:
Books- Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romantic Comedy

3 Words Describing Me:
Free-Spirited, Affectionate, Honest

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