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Henry, Dirk and Cameron Selland

  • Daddy and Cameron swinging in Central Park, New York City
  • At our wedding in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Cameron and Papa riding the carousel
  • Celebrating our first Christmas as a family
  • Dirk snorkeling in Australia
  • Playing in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA
  • A visit with Dirk's family in Las Vegas
  • Cameron enjoying her first big snowfall
  • Dirk during his Navy days
  • Dirk petting a koala bear
  • Henry touching a shark at the aquarium
  • Enjoying time at Universal Studios in Florida
  • Our first holiday with our new puppies
  • Henry preparing to climb a rock wall
  • Dirk in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Walking the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
  • Touring the city of Santorini, Greece
  • Riding a gondola in Venice, Italy
  • A visit to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida
  • Our nephew Christian with us at our wedding
  • Cameron in her first wolfpack outfit
  • Aunt Barbie with her favorite new niece
  • Henry's brother and sisters at the baptism
  • Cameron looking like a doll for her baptism
  • Godparents Jeff and Lynn at Cameron's baptism
  • Grandpa spending time with Cameron
  • A beautiful day in San Francisco, California
  • Cameron having fun with the dogs
  • Daddy and Cameron playing in the sand
  • Walking in Central Park, NYC
  • Papa and Cameron at the pool
  • Grandma visiting us for July 4th
  • Family time with Aunts Christina & Carmen and Cousin Christofer
  • Vacationing at our favorite beach in Virginia
  • Walking in the sand on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY
  • At Cameron's first birthday celebration!!
  • Daddy and Cameron on her 1st birthday
  • Waiting for the train on a trip to Boston, MA
  • Walking on the promenade with a great view of New York City
  • Cameron and the dogs in their costumes
  • Cheering on the Wolpack in Raleigh, NC
  • Cameron starting early playing the piano
  • Visiting Grandma and Cousin Christian at Christmas
  • Fun at the aquarium in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Riding around the lazy river at a water park
  • Playing in the ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Holiday 2010 Family Photo
  • Cameron sliding at the park on a cold day in Atlanta
  • Our little princess during the holidays
  • Boarding the ship for our cruise to the Caribbean
  • Dinner on formal night during the cruise
  • On our balcony during a day at sea on the cruise
  • Splashing at the kid's zone on the cruise
  • A classic shot of Cameron

Henry (by Dirk)

Henry is a handsome, romantic man with a very big heart. He is known by others as the one who will go the extra mile for his friends, family and me. He has an excellent work ethic, charitable spirit and strong moral compass. Henry loves going to the movies, playing tennis, downloading and listening to music, road trips, cruising the world by ship, and playing games on the Wii. He is a warm and loving papa to our daughter Cameron. Since her birth, Henry has enjoyed being a STAY-AT-HOME DAD and will continue in this role when our next child arrives. He looks forward to experiencing the baby milestones again from the first smile to the first step!

Henry's Favorites

Favorite Food:
Aunt Maria's tasty Tamales or an evening out for zesty Italian food!

Favorite Colors:
Silver and Blue

Sightseeting in Athens, Greece & Barcelona, Spain but topped off by Venice, Italy where Dirk proposed to me!

Favorite TV/Movies:
Scandal, Revenge & The Good Wife

Favorite Games:
Monopoly, Super Mario Brothers and Battleship

Listening to music, traveling, and playing Nintendo Wii

Our Vision

We are thrilled to expand our family through open adoption again because we want our children to grow up knowing they are loved by you and us. We are excited about getting to know you and welcoming you and your baby into our lives as part of our loving family.

We want to provide our children with a family life based on healthy and loving relationships and a home filled with joy and lots of laughter. We feel we have a lot to offer our children and will give them the opportunity to get a good education and grow up to be happy and successful in their lives. We can’t wait to help with homework, teach them to ride a bike, play catch in the yard, attend their school functions, go swimming at the pool on hot summer days, build sand castles at the beach and watch them open gifts at Christmas!

Our Story

We met eight years ago and felt an immediate connection between us as we discovered we shared similar values and goals. Soon after, we realized we had found our lifelong partner and soul mate. Through the years we have built a strong, stable, loving, fun-filled and supportive relationship - one with a strong spiritual foundation. In 2006, Dirk proposed to Henry in the romantic city of Venice, Italy. A year later, we were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the water. Our dream has always been to raise a large family together and live each day to its fullest. We adopted Cameron in 2008 and we can't wait to welcome the newest addition to our family.

Cameron is our very energetic, kind, loving, funny, and curious daughter who loves to clap when her favorite TV show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", comes on. She enjoys riding her bike, dancing to music and playing
with her toys and books. Cameron came into our lives in October 2008 through our first adoption with Independent Adoption Center. We maintain contact on a regular basis with her birthmother. We treasure the relationships we have with our siblings thus we look forward to adding another child to our family so our children can play and bond as they grow
older together.

Our Home

We live in a sought after suburb just north of Baltimore – a city where we were married and where Cameron was baptized. Our home is located on a cul-de-sac and is open and airy with lots of room to run and play. The neighborhood is filled with young children and even has a swimming pool for hot summer days. Our welcoming city of Perry Hall offers great family recreation and entertainment including several parks, many walking and biking trails and a top-rated elementary school. Our home is just minutes from a fantastic zoo, a world class aquarium with really cool dolphin shows, a large railroad museum, an interactive science museum for children, and numerous activities for kids of all ages to join.

It would not be home without our lovely Chihuahuas, Austin and Nikko. Austin is a long hair Chihuahua who loves playing with his toys. Nikko is a short hair Chihuahua who enjoys sitting on your lap and chasing Austin. They love to run on the beach and meet other dogs at the dog park. We think they will make great little playmates for our children! In fact, Cameron loves chasing Austin and Nikko around the house and throwing their toys for them to run and fetch.

Our Family

Our children will grow up in a loving and caring family. We enjoy making regular treks to visit our families in North Carolina and Virginia. Three grandparents, six aunts and uncles, and thirteen cousins can’t wait to include our next child in all of our family outings. They look forward to
visiting amusement parks, sharing Carolina barbecues, visiting the monuments and museums in our nation’s capitol, and eating Maryland crabs after a fun day playing on the beach with our children. Our families are very supportive of our decision to adopt and are already planning lots of future visits to see us.

Dirk (by Henry)

Dirk is an outgoing, honest, caring and loyal person. Prior to his current job as a judge for the federal government, Dirk was a Naval Officer who served aboard submarines. Away from work, Dirk enjoys playing and watching sports, especially his alma mater, North Carolina State University. He has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. He is also a fantastic father to our daughter Cameron. He loves playing, singing, and teaching her new things. His favorite part of the day is giving Cameron a bath then reading her a bedtime story each night. He can’t wait to rock our new little one to sleep, and he also looks forward to taking our children to football games in the fall and baseball games in the spring!

Dirk's Favorites

Favorite Food:
Mom's Meatloaf or eating outside at our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant

Favorite TV/Movies:
Modern Family, American Idol, Friday Night Lights

Favorite Sports:
Tennis, Football and Baseball

Favorite Holiday:

Favorite Colors:
Red (NC State Red)

Zodiac Sign:

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