Sharon Rasmussen & Nadine Malone

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  • Sharon and Emma in bouncy house
  • In hammmock with Emily
  • Nadine with nieces, Olivia and Emma
  • Nadine with Olivia
  • Sharon with friend, baby Benjamin
  • In Florida, about to go on a swamp tour
  • Bedtime for baby (niece) Olivia
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  • Nadine with nieces
  • Our commitment ceremony
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  • It's tea time...!
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  • Sharon in a waterfall in Hawaii  ("ALOHA!")
  • Chillin with niece, Olivia
  • Swimming with niece, Emma
  • Swimming with nieces, Olivia and Emma

" HELLO! "

Thank you for considering open adoption. We hope this website and our attached letter will help you learn more about us as you decide the future for you and your baby. We realize you must be making major life decisions right now. We admire your courage! Our arms and hearts are open, and we are eager to form a trusting relationship with you and to welcome you and your child into our lives. Please email or call us anytime to chat!

Our email address is:

Our facebook username is: SharonNadine


We both love to travel and explore and can't wait to bring our child to see our family and to visit fun places like Disneyland and the Grand Canyon. We enjoy singing together and are eager to sing lullaby songs to our child. We look forward to reading bedtime stories with our child and taking family trips to the library. We are eager to make sand castles on the beach, for our child to take swimming lessons and to swim with our child at the YMCA. We are Christian and are active in our church. We enjoy walking and biking and look forward to taking walks with our child in a stroller and bike rides in a special bike seat. We enjoy going to museums and parades and look forward to sharing these and other fun adventures with our child!

Our Family

We are both close to our families, who are excited about us
adopting! Sharon's Mom lives in Wisconsin, where she was raised. "Grandma Jean" will be active in our child's life and looks forward to spoiling her grandchild! Sharon's siblings live in Norway and Germany, and it will be fun to visit them and to see the castles, beautiful lakes and mountains! Nadine's Nieces, Emma, Mattie and Olivia, are excited to meet their newest cousin and to visit the aquarium and zoo together!

Our Promises To You

We can't wait to be parents! We want our child to know that she or he is loved, is the most important person in our lives and to grow up in a home with lots of love. We believe it is important say "I love you" as well as to demonstrate this through actions. Our child will be raised to have healthy self esteem and confidence. We promise your child will be loved and nurtured in our home and that you will have an honored place in our family. We wish you all the best in life!

About Us

We met in church at a potluck lunch about 15 years ago, and have had a lasting bond since that day.The pastor performed our commitment ceremony a year later. Today we are life partners and are each other’s best friend. We feel lucky to have flexible work schedules that will allow us to be there to provide the care our child needs. Sharon is a social worker and Nadine is a nurse. When we are not working, we enjoy spending quality time together.

Life has brought us good things, and we look forward to sharing our love, ourselves, resources and time with our son or daughter! We are Christian and will raise our child in a church community. We look forward to being active in our child's church and school activities, such as volunteering in our child's classroom and chaperoning
field trips. It would be nice to build a friendship with you and to have you become a special member of our family! We look forward to including you in the fun activities that we do with our child, such as going to the zoo and beach.

~ Nadine's Favorites ~

The Dalles, Oregon


Zodiac Sign:


reading, movies, kayaking, gardening, visiting family, walking, and singing with Sharon

playing guitar and harmonica at the same time

Our Home

We live in a comfortable home close to Portland, Oregon. We have a fenced-in yard with a swing, slide and sandbox and tree house. We love living in a small community and enjoy hiking on the trails that are near our home. We are excited to show our child the nearby lake where we can kayak as a family. We share our home and big fenced yard with 2 dogs and 2 cats, who all love attention from children!

~ Sharon's Favorites ~

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Zodiac Sign:

Dialysis Social worker

hiking, kayaking, travelling, spinning (on a stationary bike) classes at the Y and biking

Visitied Liberia, Botswana, and Norway to see sister (who was a missionary) and nieces and look forward to visiting brother in Germany, mother in Wisconsin and to Alaska to see the mountains and glaciers

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