Terry and Melissa Miller

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  • Adam Jr. giving uncle Terry a thank you kiss for his gift.
  • A welcome kiss from my niece Jaida.
  • It's Candyland time with niece Jaida and nephew Adam Jr.
  • 2014 Christmas with nieces and nephews at Grandma and Grandpa's house
  • Terry loves spending time with Brycen
  • Enjoying our time together trying to make cookies
  • Having fun in cooking class in Chicago
  • Celebrating with a friend on her son's birth day.
  •  This guy quacks us up!
  • Disney World trip with part of the family
  • Here comes the airplane!
  • Trying to fit in with the gang
  • We love adventure!
  • Terry enjoying snuggling with Pluto
  • Terry bonding with King
  • Our first helicopter flight with our pilot, Don
  • Terry thinking he could take on Michael Jordan, of course it helps that Michael is made of wax!
  • So precious
  • Terry trying to pull off being cool
  • Melissa and Connie after completing the 5K walk for the Kidney Foundation
  • Terry golfing with his silly hat
  • Meet Peppe, our new family member
  • Meet TJ, our new family member
  • The nursery
  • Melissa's enjoys traveling and wading in the ocean

About Us

Twenty one years ago we met on a blind date that was arranged by Melissa’s sister, never guessing that within four years we would be married. Our relationship is one full of compassion, trust, and a strong love for each other flourishing into seventeen wonderful years of marriage. We cherish every moment together, whether it is taking vacations, going on walks, family cookouts, or being on the floor playing with our furry house members, TJ and Peppe. They are very energetic. We envision our child and the puppies in the back yard playing fetch or chasing each other.

Our Interests and Hobbies

We enjoy traveling and can’t wait to show our child all the possibilities the world has to offer. We look forward to our first family trip to Disney World and experiencing the amazement on our child's face by seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the first time. We enjoy the serenity that nature offers, and can already picture summer days giving him/her the opportunity of handling frogs and collecting flowers leading into evenings of catching fireflies.
Terry loves working in his wood shop where he has created a lot of beautiful hand crafted items for family and friends and looking forward to have a little helper working beside him. Terry has already put plans together for making a toy box for our child. Melissa enjoys ending the day with a good book, and envisions herself with her arms wrapped around our son or daughter reading together as they journey to the wonderful world of imagination. Terry and I can hardly wait to watch our child grow and share in the experience as our child develops their interests!

Our Family

Our family and friends are very supportive and share in our vision of expanding our family through adoption. Terry and I will be proud parents watching the love our son or daughter receives from their grandparents and many aunts, uncles and cousins. We look forward to sharing our family traditions such as, our annual family get together that extends to 4 generations; this is a day that is full of games, laughter and a lot of fun. As our son or daughter grows he or she will be able to join in on the family hiking trips and enjoy exploring the trails. We are very blessed to have a close knit family that lives close by who will be a positive part of our child’s growth.

Our Home and Community

Our homestead is located in rural Rensselaer midway between Indianapolis and Chicago allowing many opportunities for interaction with various cultures and activities. We live in a small community where the school system has smaller classes for a lot of personal attention given to each student. There are many social events targeted towards children including a Summer Theater play, youth soccer and a wonderful reading program at the local library. We are a very active 4-H community that brings out the best for the County Fair along with all the local school activities. We can hardly wait to be the proud parents watching our child take on activities that intrigue them.
Our home has a lot to offer our son or daughter whether it is canoeing or fishing in the river down one side of our property or exploring the wooded areas filled with nature. Our back lawn is perfect for pitching a tent for campouts with family and friends and the pool is a great attraction on the hot summer afternoons. Terry has even picked out a spot to install a basketball court so he and our child can go out and shoot some hoops together.

Terry's view of Melissa

Melissa is a person with a heart of gold. She loves spending time with kids and gets great joy from employees bringing their children to work where she is a Human Resources Administrator. She has longed to be a mother for many years and is excited to see the first Christmas and Easter through our child’s eyes. She will definitely keep our son or daughter busy with new adventures like teaching him or her to cook, playing board games and spending time in our big back yard or area park to play. I am sure she will convey her love of animals and caring for others as a cornerstone to our son or daughter's personality.

Terry's Fun Facts

Maintenance Supervisor

Loves Disney World

Favorite Holiday:
Memorial Day

Zodiac Sign:

3 Words Describing Me:
Commitment, Trust and Understanding

Favorite Music:
80's Music

Melissa's view of Terry

Terry is a very compassionate individual who is always there to inspire, uplift and motivate me. Being around him gives me the courage and belief that I can achieve anything; he truly enjoys life and loves to help others. He takes joy in the simpler things in life such as, seeing a baby in the store sleeping or laughing and his reaction just warms your heart. Terry is so true to nature, he loves the outdoors and being active in whatever he does. I look forward to watching him teach our son or daughter to ride a bike, swim in our pool or any other activities our child wants to pursue. Terry will be right on the sidelines coaching and cheering our son or daughter on and taking pride in his or her accomplishments.

Melissa's Fun Facts

Shopping, reading and going on vacations

Human Resource/Payroll Administrator

Favorite TV/Movies:
Hawaii Five-O, The Good Wife, Singing in the Rain, Mary Poppins

Favorite Music:
Love Music - listen to all varieties

Favorite Author:
Janet Evanovich, JK Rowling

Favorite Holiday:

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