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What Is "I Heart Adoption"?

“I heart adoption” is a website dedicated to providing the best
information available for a pregnant woman considering open
adoption for her baby.

“I heart adoption” is an ongoing project by the Independent Adoption Center, a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency founded in 1982. The purpose of this site is to empower the brave women and men who have placed their children for adoption. By giving birthparents a voice through iheartadoption.org, the IAC is striving to further awareness and offer greater support for women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

The Independent Adoption Center consistently provides confidential, zero-pressure counseling to pregnant women (and/or their partners) exploring their options. Upon request, IAC will offer excellent information on open adoption.

If the mother of an unborn child decides she would like to move forward with an adoption plan, it is the Independent Adoption Center’s goal to provide her with all the resources she needs to have a successful adoption. This includes a host of pre-approved adoptive families to choose from, medical and legal assistance, as well as ongoing mental and emotional support.

At iheartadoption.org we can help with these situations and more:

I'm pregnant and considering adoption

My girlfriend is pregnant

My daughter is pregnant

I'm looking for a family to adopt my baby

I want to adopt a baby

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