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About Us

The Independent Adoption Center (IAC) is a licensed adoption agency. The IAC is a nationwide nonprofit organization that builds families through open adoption. The IAC has always advocated fully open adoptions in which the birthparents choose the family who will raise their baby and enjoy open communication and visits throughout the child's life.

Women faced with an unplanned pregnancy look to IAC counselors for help examining their options and deciding whether adoption is the right choice for them.

An expectant mother who decides to move to the next step with the IAC will choose a family to adopt her baby by viewing online profiles and/or looking through Adoption Letters, which are letters including pictures and information about families hoping to adopt. All the families who work with the IAC have been evaluated extensively and have been legally approved to adopt a child. They have completed background checks, physicals, and home evaluations.

Becoming an IAC Birthparent means:

  • Choosing a family for your baby
  • Receiving financial and emotional support
  • Keeping in touch with your baby and his/her new family

This process works because the IAC staff is experienced and dedicated to helping birthparents and adoptive parents design an adoption plan that makes everyone comfortable and happy, especially the child. After becoming an IAC birthparent you will always have the option of seeing your child and he/she can always know who you are. And you will always have lifetime counseling available to you.

Give us a call at 1 (800) 877-OPEN (6736) to speak with a counselor, or you can download our free adoption guide. All services are free for pregnant women.

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